Australian Men Spend Billions On Beard And Skin Maintenance


I know the title might sound a bit deceiving or you might be skeptical but it’s true, they are spending billions on their beard care. According to a news broadcast by Ten News, research was conducted by a company called Monzo. The research determined that Australian men spend $2 billion collectively in an attempt to look good. They spend a significant amount of that on the maintenance of their beards.  Must be a lot of hipsters in Australia!

australian men invest in beard care
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Australian Men Aren’t Afraid To Invest In Their Skin Care Regimen

As time progresses, we are seeing more men heavily invest in their looks. They aren’t just investing in their facial hair either. Australian men have been spending a lot of money on other skin products and services such as manicures, massages and more.

According to Gillian Ridley-Whittle from Myer Cosmetics and Intimate Apparel, the increase in spending is directly related to the increase in educational awareness when it comes to having a proper skin care routine. Apparently, the understand the benefits of putting forth effort into a routine and they likely know that it will shave years off their looks (pun intended).

If you’re a guy and you’re still not giving anything other than your bar of soap a shot then you’re only cheating yourself. In fact, there are a number of grooming treatments that all guys should give a shot at least once or twice. Neglecting to do so would be doing yourself an injustice.

For thost living in Australia spending a ridiculous amount of money on you health and beauty, I commend you for doing so. I know that there are many other things you’d rather spend that money on. However, saving your skin can make all the difference in the world.

Sure, face masks, pedicures, massages and all that other stuff sounds like a hassle and I’m sure to some it might be. However, when you take into consideration that you’ll look and feel better for years to come, then it makes sense to just go for it. After all, you’ve only got one body, you might as well treat it with some respect once in a while!

In honor of the folks that like to spend money on their beards, here’s a link to some beards covered in flowers. Yes, it’s a new trend. No, I don’t do it. My beard isn’t thick enough to even attempt it.

Now, a regular guy like me, can’t keep up to date with trends without your help. Chances are, you know what’s trending more so than I. If you know of any type of trending skin care treatment or beauty regimen (for men or women) that seems to be taking off in the United States, please reach out directly to me. I’d love to interview you to get your personal opinion on whatever it is!

Australian Men Spend Billions On Beard And Skin Maintenance
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