At-Home Sheet Mask Maker Disrupts Local UK Skin Care Industry


If you didn’t know that face masks were trending hard on social media, then you obviously haven’t spent much time using Instagram and Facebook lately. It seems like these face masks are literally popping up everywhere you can think of. I’ve seen companies come out with these masks on what seems to be a daily basis.

Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker

The reason? They actually work!

Head on down to the local ULTA or Sephora and ask a sales associate to show you where the masks are located. You’ll notice that they’ve each dedicated a whole wall to this type of product.

Well, one company is taking things one step further by giving you the opportunity to create your very own face mask at home.

Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker

Lidl’s Face Mask Maker – Create A Mask At-Home

Many people have opted out of spending lots of money on sheet masks. Instead, they are now making their own masks using this special device. Before diving into the product, I should probably shed some light on the face mask itself and how it became so popular.

It was originally a product that came from South Korea. The beauty trend had already taken off over in that part of the world but eventually worked its way over to the United States of America. It’s not just the average Jane or Joe using these products either. You’ll find celebs such as the Kardashian’s and even Lady Gaga using these sheet masks.

Now, a lot of people have recently stopped visiting the local Sephora and they’ve instead decided to make their own sheet masks.

Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker 1

The Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker has completely disrupted the industry, especially the UK industry where it kicked things off. The device does exactly what it claims to do – it helps you make your own hydrogel masks.

Lidl Silvercrest Face Mask Maker 1

The recipe is simple. All you need to do is mix collagen tablets and whatever other ingredients you choose to incorporate. Some people like to use fruit juices others like to use milk. It’s your choice entirely.

There are savings involved in purchasing this sheet mask maker. It’s priced at between $30 – $40 roughly and it comes with 24 collagen pills, a cup for measuring solutions, the mask mold and a brush to clean the device. I should also mention that they offer a 3-year warranty as well.


How To Use It

Using the sheet mask maker is a piece of cake. All you need to do is add whatever liquid you choose and the collagen tablet to the device. Let the mold create itself, apply to your skin and reap the benefits for years to come.

This product is literally a one of a kind and the first of it’s kind at that. The main reason why I think this is going to become a huge product trend is that you’re able to both save money and avoid all chemicals by using this type of product over buying a pre-made sheet mask. I think this Lidl sheet mask is going to be an industry game changer. You can buy it here.

At-Home Sheet Mask Maker Disrupts Local UK Skin Care Industry
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