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Skin care is one of the most popular topics today, and with good reason. Everyone wants their skin to look young, unblemished, attractive and full of life. As we age, many of us lose our natural glow. Our skin begins to look old, worn out, and wrinkled, and this is unacceptable for many of us.

asian skin care

What Exactly is Different About Asian Skin Care?

A funny thing seems to have happened recently. People in the West (ex. North America) are finally waking up to the dominant effects of Asian skin care. This ethnic region really seems to know their stuff as far as skin care is concerned, and because of it, we realize that it’s time to learn their secrets!

To truly experience flawless, unblemished, unwrinkled and young looking skin, you need to adopt an Asian skin care regimen. It will mean the world to your skin, and you’ll look younger and smoother in no time at all.

We spent some time learning all about this topic. And we’d like to share our knowledge and wisdom with you today. Please, for love of your skin, use the info that we share below to help rejuvenate your otherwise tired-looking skin!

Top 4 Asian Skin Care Tips for Flawless Beauty

As we’ve already discussed, we have discovered four powerful secrets of Asian skin care and we’d like to share them with you today if you’re interested. Our four top tips include:

Tip #1: Double Cleansing, Japanese Style!

First up is one of our all-time favorite tips coming directly to you from the fabulous people of Japan. This skin care secret is all about double cleansing.

What does double cleansing mean?

For starters, the Japanese handle skin cleansing very differently than they do in the West. In Western culture, mostly due to incredibly effective advertising campaigns, men and women pay top dollar for expensive, chemical laden skin cleansers. These harsh, costly cleansers are doing more than just taking a nice chunk of change out your pockets every few weeks. The chemical-filled cleansers are drying out your skin. And doing way more harm than good.

The Japanese people use pure, food grade oils on their skin acting as cleansers. And the Americans are finally catching on to the wonderful benefits that oils provide. Remember that there’s more to it than just cleansing with oils like the Japanese. You have to double cleanse for maximum effectiveness.

Why does double cleansing work?

The first cleanse is all about removing your makeup. This step is important because all the makeup needs to be removed so that your pores can breathe. The second cleansing is all about breathing life back into your skin. The second cleansing is for dirt removal and purification. It’s also a beneficial way to rid your skin of pimple causing sebum.

When using oil for the first cleansing, apply it to your skin by rubbing it in with dry hands. The second cleansing does not necessarily have to happen with oil. You should feel free to use your favorite creams or foaming face wash. This crucial step is necessary to prevent acne and other skin blemishes, so please do not forget about the second vitality-boosting cleansing.

Tip #2: Do You Massage Your Face While Cleansing?

This next tip is often overlooked by most, and this is especially true in the Western world. Most people wouldn’t think a facial massage would anything for the skin. And most people would be wrong!

During your cleansing regimen, take some time to really massage your face. It’s advantageous because it can help increase your circulation. By increasing circulation, your skin will look much brighter. The massage can help to detoxify your skin, and it even helps to keep your outer skin layer firm.

As you can see, this massage offers a wide variety of potent benefits. The most important thing to realize is that all of the benefits provide a level of anti aging to help you look younger for as long as possible.

Tip #3: Using a Paper Mask

A paper mask is a popular part of the skin care regimen of many Asian cultures. Are you wondering why?

For starters, these masks are serum-infused. By having a large concentration of skin care ingredients as part of the mask, you get the best of the best in skin care as part of this experience. The paper mask is in the shape of a face, and goes directly over it. It provides many healing properties and will help eliminate those unwanted signs of aging.

Fan Bingbing, a very popular Chinese actress, is believed to use as many 600 masks per year. That’s at about two masks per day, every day, for the better part of a year. But here’s the best part… She has flawless, gorgeous skin! She is the envy of many and now we know the reason why. Paper masks!

These masks work because they are soaked with top shelf skin care ingredients. When wearing a mask, the person must lie down and relax, which is also a great benefit. By lying down and staying in one place for a time, the mask can work wonders because the wearer is taking the necessary time to allow the solution to soak into their pores. By staying still, the serum can get into the skin and work its magic.

Tip #4: Skin Softeners

Today’s final tip is all about using skin softeners. This practice, when taken seriously and done religiously, will take years off of your face.

Using a toner filled with alcohol is the wrong choice, so give it a rest. Use skin softeners (toners that do not contain alcohol) instead.

By ditching the alcohol for toners without it, you’ll still rejuvenate the Ph levels in your skin. But, without the alcohol, you don’t have to worry about drying out your face! This is a much better option of the two and the healthier skin care product in our estimation.


Although Asian skin care is very similar to the skin regimens in the West, it’s the subtle differences that really make them special. If your current skin care routine isn’t working, try incorporating some (or all) of these tips into your regimen and see if it makes a difference. You won’t be disappointed!

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