Artistry Makeup and Skin Review

Have you ever been interested in achieving a level of beauty that most models do? I’m talking from a skin perspective. Well, Artistry Skincare and Makeup might be the solution for you. The line is a complete solution which consists of both makeup and skin care items for women as well as men. The lines basically focus on delivering anti aging, beautifying, cleansing and a few other things. This is all accomplished via the line with consists primarily of face washes, skin creams, and makeup that’s considered to be “all-natural.”

As for the brand and company, it’s been around since the 1950s. The company was created by a couple that was tired of only seeing makeup and skin cream that exists containing chemicals. Since then, things haven’t changed much. They still operate with the same mission but now they operate under Amway.

For those unfamiliar with Amway, it’s a globally recognized skin care business that distributes beauty and skin products all over the globe. You’ll learn more about the parent distribution company as this review progresses. Please be sure to read this in full and even continue to do product research after you finish reading this one. You’ll want to determine whether or not you’re getting involved with a product that is known to improve your skin or cause damage and allergy related issues.

Artistry Skin Care ReviewThe Ingredients Used In Artistry Products

The Artistry skin care and makeup line focus on the inclusion of natural ingredients. The products also claim to have many anti aging benefits. Some of the ingredients that you’ll find used in the products are plants as well as fruits from all over the world. Specifically, many of the natural ingredients come from the Mediterranean and Africa. One of the more popular ingredients is known as Micro-X6 Peptide. This ingredient contains amino acids which can help improve collagen levels. As a result, you’ll notice that your skin might look younger due to using this ingredient.

Some other products that you’ll find within the line are eye care products, facial products, toners, anti aging products and more. As for the makeup, you’ll find that the product line consists of eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, mascara, concealer and more. Most of the makeup products incorporate the use of SPF, which is definitely an essential today.

Buying The Products

If you want to purchase Artistry products, then you’ll want to head on over to the parent company site. The complete line of products are all available for purchase if you simply visit each product page on the official site. You’re not going to want to visit the Artistry site but instead, the Amway site. They literally have a ton of details on each product.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to the Artistry site and you’re looking for consumer feedback, you’re not going to find it. Now, it’s possible to find product information elsewhere.

Heading over to the Amway shopping site, you’ll be able to find products all there. All you need to do is select the product you’ve got interests in. The brands can be purchased globally which makes it pretty easy for people anywhere to purchase Artistry goods.

Shipping Information

Some things that you need to know about the shipping policies in place here on or Amway I should say. Everything is handled via the Amway site for all Artistry products. If you decide to make a purchase that’s less than $50.00, then your total shipping costs will be $6.95.

If your purchase costs more, then your shipping fees increase as well. Don’t be surprised to find out that shipping costs close for $21.00 depending on the size of your order. Any order that costs $750 or more gets free shipping. Orders are typically shipped to users within five days. In the event that a customer chooses to purchase expedited shipping, then they will have the product in just a few short days.

If you live in the non-continental United States such as Hawaii and Alaska, then you may have to pay additional shipping fees. Customer location does make a difference in shipping as the company houses Artistry products at many distribution locations across the United States. If you live close to an Amway shipping center, then you can pick up the products should you choose to do so.

The Return Policy

This company has a much more lenient return policy than most. You’re able to return a product you’ve purchased via the Amway website in a matter of 180 days. The company offers a full refund which includes the tax portion of the purchase. They also offer customers to make returns in exchange for other goods. Orders come with shipping labels printed so that they can be returned in a matter of minutes and all for free. If you decide to return a product without the original shipping label, then you’re going to have a problem as they don’t accept returns without them.

Are you looking for a money-back guarantee? Then you’re in luck because they offer it but orders must be shipped back with the return labels.

Other Reviews

You’ve got to put forth the effort to read some of the other reviews that are out there on Artistry products. You’ll find plenty of them online if you put forth some effort to do so.

Looking for a video? Here’s an Artistry review clip for you to check out…


The best thing to do if you want to purchase these products is research. You’ve got to be serious about your makeup and skin care products if you want to look your best. That said, don’t just jump online and start buying products. You need to read as many reviews as possible and make an educated decision to purchase a product that’s best for your skin.

Artistry Makeup and Skin Review
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