Are You Taking Too Many Vitamins?


We are in no shortage of vitamins these days. If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize just how many are available for purchase today. There are too many vitamins on the shelves. I’d say there’s likely one single vitamin for each letter of the alphabet. The question is whether or not you really need to take all those vitamins? If not, then which are most important?

too many vitamins

Too Many Vitamins Is Counter-Productive

News flash folks, if you’re taking too many vitamins then you are throwing money down the drain. Sure, we all need an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals but our bodies crave food, not synthetics.

There are certain times when taking vitamins makes sense. For example, if you have a health condition in which your body may be deprived of something or if you are an athlete that requires them. I’ll give you a perfect example, an athlete may want to take vitamin B12 as well as magnesium. These are both important vitamins which help boost overall stamina and energy production. They are acceptable to take in the event that you need them.

If you are pregnant, your body may be deprived or you may find that your body craves more iron, folic acid, and even calcium. All of these vitamins are important and they provide both the mother and the child with the nutrition necessary.

In both cases mentioned above, it would be prudent for you to speak with a specialist if you think you need to consume more vitamins. In the event that you do not fall into either of those two categories mentioned, then you only need to take two vitamins daily.

Actually, you may not need to take any providing you are consuming a well-balanced super healthy diet. For those of you that are not, here are the vitamins that you need to concentrate on taking daily.

Vitamin A
If you are going to take any vitamins, then take Vitamin A. It’s great for your red blood cells and immune system. If you prefer to consume this via food, then simply eat lots of kale, spinach, shrimp, salmon, and sweet potatoes. I’d recommend just consuming foods that contain the vitamins versus supplementing with it.  Most of these foods were named in the best foods for weight loss article written here.

Vitamin C
Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin C are crucial to your immune system, skin, muscles, bone and more. If you want to avoid taking this as a pill then I suggest eating lots of papayas, bell peppers, oranges, and grapefruit. Drink juice every day and eat plenty of greens and you will be all set.  For more, read the benefits of vitamin c.

These are the only two vitamins that you should be contemplating taking orally in pill or capsule form. Other than that, I suggest you just eat a balanced diet and eat clean as can be! Trust me, your skin will know if you’re cheating on your diet and so will those that get a glimpse of you. Enjoy your meal!

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Are You Taking Too Many Vitamins?
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