Are Krill Oil Supplements Gaining Popularity In Skin Care?


I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of things about one supplement in particular. All that chatter is referring to a supplement called krill oil. Sure, I bet the name sounds familiar to you. Chances are you’re thinking back to your days of learning about whales.

Some people have turned to this health supplement to try and enhance the look and feel of their skin. Pure krill oil seems to be a fan favorite among many and I can see why it’s starting to really become a well-known household name.

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Why Are Krill Oil Supplements Gaining Traction?

Fish oils and Omega-3s have been jumping off shelves over the past few years. Both men and women that are looking to keep their skin healthy looking tend to use this as a supplement on a daily basis.

However, what often happens in the health and beauty industry is that a new and improved supplement enters the market far more potent and powerful than the last. While that’s doesn’t always mean it’s safe, the supplement tends to get a ton of attention due to it’s superman-like powers in comparison to the prior.

That being said, krill oil seems to trump everything else in terms of omega-3s. The pure krill oil supplement itself has more omega-3s than any other supplement or skin care product that I’ve come across. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that krill oil has 5 times more fatty acids in general than the typical fish oil that you’re using right now.

There’s another reason why stores can’t seem to keep krill oil products on the shelf and that’s due to the huge amount of antioxidants that exist within the skin supplement. The most powerful antioxidant that it contains is called Astaxanthin. This antioxidant fights off free radicals like no other.

Don’t be surprised if you head to your local vitamin shop and you find them out of krill oil pills this month. They seem to be flying off the shelves and based on the research I’ve done, they really should be. I see absolutely no harm in trying out a new supplement for the first time, providing that your physician approves.

Our bodies are tough machines to understand. We must put forth efforts to fuel our bodies through people diet and exercise. In addition to that, sometimes we need to kick things up a notch by incorporating healthy supplements and even homemade recipes. There’s no harm in any of that. You’re far better off doing that versus spending the night getting drunk at the bar! That’s not going to help your skin one bit.

The only reason anyone would likely choose a fish oil over a krill oil supplement is because they are price sensitive. Since the supplement doesn’t come cheap, it’s not one that many have in their arsenal. However, I suggest everyone give it a shot again.

Are Krill Oil Supplements Gaining Popularity In Skin Care?
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