Are Bananas The Cure For Skin Cancer?


I eat bananas almost every single day. My wife loves adding them to her greek yogurt and acai bowl treats. Some people prefer not to eat bananas but to apply them to their skin, face, hair, you name it. Is it now possible that we’ve found another reason to incorporate these delicious tasty fruits into our lives? Some say they cure skin cancer!


Do Bananas Really Cure Skin Cancer?

Well, not quite, but they could be useful in helping to detect skin cancer. Bananas contain an enzyme known as tyrosinase, These enzymes are the same enzymes that cause those ugly dark spots on the fruits. You know, the spots that make you never want to eat the bananas once you see them. Yes, those spots.

Well, according to an article that was recently published in, the enzyme tyrosinase can also be found in our skin and it’s said to be responsible for skin pigmentation. Even more interesting, a new study revealed that patients who were recently diagnosed with melanoma┬áhad large quantities of the tyrosinase enzyme in their skin.

But what does it all mean?

That’s simple! All this data that been recently collected has been used to help create a type of scanner to detect cancer. The new findings were incredible and the cancer scanner was able to further prove that the existence of tyrosinase may be highly relevant with regards to the growth of melanomas on our skin.

Does this mean that we are completing changing the way we detect skin cancer moving forward? Absolutely not. However, it’s a great start towards better prevention and early detection. I’ll likely continue to consume bananas and will continue to apply sunscreen that contains SPF to further protect myself from the UV rays. I’m not taking any chances when it comes to getting skin cancer!

If you’re not exactly sure what the nutritional value is of a banana, take a quick look at the nutritional label provided by Chiquita Banana.

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Are Bananas The Cure For Skin Cancer?
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