AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum Review

As you know, I report on the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to skin care products. That’s just how I operate and I’m not the type to play the biased card, not the least bit. So, what I’ve decided to do is share a brand with you that I came across even though there’s not much info on it online. The brand is called Aqualift and the product that I’m covering is a wrinkle reducing serum. Some of the reviews on this product go way back. I’m talking years back, like 2011 even. There’s not much new going on that I was able to come across but nevertheless, there are still thousands of people searching for the brand monthly so it seems. I figured, what the heck, why not research it and see what I can come up with.

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AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum Review

When researching the various anti-aging products floating around the Internet, chances are you may eventually stumble upon AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum. This is an anti-aging serum, actually a wrinkle reducting product that, according to the advertising works miracles. But is this really the case? That’s the million dollar question that we’ve got to ask ourselves today.

There are some retail stores online where you can find this product and one may even come across a free trial enrollment program, but I’ve got some really bad news for those looking to dive deeper into the research, there’s no official website. The details provided about the product are as vague as they get too. Trust me, I’ve researched the issue and below you will find everything that I’ve discovered. But first, let me cover the reason people may turn to this. It’s called wrinkles and the formation of them.

Formation of Wrinkles

Fun fact: Our bodies age. When that happens, the skin starts to lose its natural ability to form collagen and elastin. These are what I’d consider the two primary essential factors for achieving normal functioning skin. When collagen and elastin become depleted within the body, fine lines and wrinkles magically appear.

Another factor that unfortunately causes wrinkles to form is the drying of your skin. As skin ages, age it’s not cared for, it tends to lose its ability to retain moisture, becoming dry, cracked, and it often shriveling up. Environmental factors and stress play a factor here as well. All of these things typically cause collagen and elastin to drop. They also cause wrinkles to form, which is why you need a serum to help kick things up a notch.

AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum In Action

The AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum is said to work on the specific problems. It’s said to contain what’s known as the Polymoist-PS Complex, which is a blend of peptides that work by stimulating the skin to produce more collagen. Ultimately, this causes the skin to tighten.

AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum effects can be compared to the effects of a bee venom cream. Here’s what it does. When you apply this cream, it causes the body to think as if it’s actually damaged. When your skin thinks that it’s damaged, that alone makes the affected area heal faster and collagen production increases. The serum essentially imitates or attempts to micro-damage the skin, effectively causing the body to stimulate collagen production. While it’s not really damaging your skin, it makes it think that it truly is damaged and as a result, it kicks into action.

Buying The AquaLift Serum

The AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum is not sold by the manufacturer. Actually, it’s very difficult to find the manufacturer, as there is no official AquaLift website.

Instead, it’s sold via a network of affiliates that have benefited from the sales of the product. Based on my research and some of the things that people have shared socially and publically, many people have been “burned” by this company.

How so? Well, it’s the all to common free trial approach that gets people. They purchase their first AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum, as advertising promises the first order for free, and only shipping costs are charged. But the fine print soon comes into play here. It states that if the order is not canceled within 14 days, the auto-ship option immediately kicks in and the first “free” order also gets charged.

People are sheep and they often do not read between the lines, which is why they get burned. Since no one reads the fine print, people usually get very angry at the deception and tend to leave negative reviews. They actually do this even if they’ve never tried the product. A large number of negative reviews are more related to the selling practice than they are the effects of the serum. That being said, it’s very difficult to really assess the effectiveness of this product.

What I can say is that you’re going to have a heck of a hard time finding a place to purchase this where it actually looks legit. Remember, choosing eBay and Craigslist or Backpage for skin care products is a horrible idea. My advice would be to not go there due to the scams on those shady platforms.


The price of the AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum is relatively high at $75.00 per bottle. That’s a bit steep especially given that so many people are bashing the billing practices of this company. As previously stated when researching the product, there is no official website or any details/information about the ingredients found in the product. The active ingredient, Polymoist-PS Complex is also found in other anti-aging products, so at least there is some truth to that which is accountable and identifiable.

However, considering the simple packaging, the lack of a website, no customer service number, no information, the lack of details about the ingredients used, the unpleasant and expensive auto-ship purchase, and all the negative reviews, I just can’t. There’s no way that I can recommend that someone try this product. Please note that I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I’m just stating that based on what I know, I cannot recommend that someone actually buy this. If you decide to do so, please reach out to us or leave a comment to let us know that you’ve done so and what you think.

AquaLift Wrinkle Reduction Serum Review
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