Apoterra Skin Brand Review

Well, it’s that time again…to share my personal thoughts and feelings on another skin care brand. Today I’m covering the Apoterra brand and all the products associated with the company. What I can say about this brand and what I discovered at first glance was that it’s not a very popular brand in terms of search volume. Only a few hundred people search for this per month. However, don’t let that deter you from trying or testing out the Apoterra products. But first, get a better idea of what the brand is all about here before making any buying decisions.

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My Review of The Apoterra Skin Brand

Like I said, this review covers the Apoterra Skincare company and its products. They make natural skin care products that, according to the manufacturers, which do not contain any toxic chemicals at all. They advertise their company as being honest and having the customer/consumer best interest in mind. Something that every skin care company should do, right?

The Apoterra company makes their products in small batches. Based on my research, they have a solid tracking policy for their product manufacturing which is a plus for the peace of mind of the end users. They know that they’re getting the freshest products and that they’re going to be delivered as expected. Allow e to cover some important information about the company before going over the individual products.

The Company

The Apoterra Skincare company was founded by Dominique Caron, a certified aromatherapist, and herbalist. She has dry, sensitive skin, and while searching the market for appropriate products that would help improve her skin, she decided to venture out and make her own. She started creating products that would help with resolving redness, irritation, and complexion issues. That’s when Apoterra Skincare was born, and if you’re curious, the brand name means “derived from the earth.”

As for company facts, it was founded under strict principles that honesty, curiosity, are important. It was also created on the belief that to improve the world, one needs to improve themselves, and the most important of all – nature is powerful and wise. I can’t say that disagree to be honest. I’m a huge fan of natural skin care products and that’s why I like this so much.

The Apoterra brand manufactures their products using natural ingredients which enhance the beauty of the skin and they definitely help consumers deal with adult skin issues. Each product is made entirely by hand by using sustainably sourced raw materials. Their products are blends from plant and mineral ingredients which have been proven to be effective. From a natural/organic perspective most of the products are rated over 80% organic.

The brand holds a Green America certification and they are part of the TREES for the Future movement, which has been responsible for planting over 150 million trees in the past five years. If that doesn’t convince you that they care about the environment and keeping things natural then I don’t know what will.


To get a better understanding of the products, you need to dive deep into the ingredients. Their products contain plant extracts from various plants like prickly pear, rosehip, calendula, sea buckthorn, immortelle, turmeric, pomegranate, chamomile, lemon, green tea, lavender and many, many more. There are mineral ingredients like white clay, activated charcoal, dead sea salt, pink sea salt and more.

Some of the Apoterra products contain Coenzyme Q10 aka CoQ10. This is a natural ingredient found in the cells responsible for the production of energy. As we age, the production of this drops and cells start to deteriorate. This deterioration most notably happens in the skin cells and the collagen production. When applied to the skin CoQ10 helps with regeneration and collagen production. It helps smoothe out wrinkles and firm your skin.

Another ingredient that’s wicked popular and a winner is vitamin C. This is one of the most important ingredients in skin care, period, end of story. The form used in the Apoterra Skincare products is ascorbyl palmitate, a stable form of the vitamin C that’s a soluble in oil. The vitamin C gets absorbed by the skin, helping to erase or remove any wrinkles that are present. It also prevents irritation and reduces inflammation, while promoting the production of collagen.

These are only a small selection of the ingredients in the Apoterra products, but the most important far as I’m concerned. When trying a new product, you should always do a patch test to ensure that it works. Good news is that they offer samples for consumers to try products out. Samples are conveniently available in small size packs at very affordable prices.

The Products

The Apoterra product line has many products, and here I have selected several what I believe to be bestsellers.

Night Clarifying Treatment with Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn

This is a night serum that’s rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory antioxidants and gentle exfoliants that help soothe the skin. The product helps boost moisture levels, ultimately improving your complexion. The prickly pear seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, and the pomegranate oil all work together to heal the skin, brightening the dark spots and rejuvenate the skin.

There is also chamomile extract in this nighttime product that prevents acne breakouts. This soothes the skin, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. The sugar extract is the source of glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin, and the CoQ10 helps with collagen production and improving the elasticity of the skin. Most importantly, this product must be used at night. You need to apply it before bed so the serum will work its magic while you sleep.

Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C

Another evening product FTW (for the win) is this balm! This is a balm and a moisturizer combo product. It’s made with a high content of natural botanical extracts that help the skin in many ways. It contains cupuacu butter which hydrates the skin. It also contains prickly pear, pomegranate oil and the rosehip oils which nourish and repair the skin, and the Vitamin C and the CoQ10 support collagen production, firming the skin and reducing inflammation.

Activated Purifying Mask with Charcoal + Flowers

This handmade mask contains a blend of several clays, activated charcoal, and organic flowers and it acts on the pores, providing deep cleansing. It helps clarify your complexion and noursh, nothing that you haven’t heard already right?

Charcoal is a game changer and great ingredient. The clays pull out the dirt, impurities, and clean clogged pores, leaving consumers with fresh, clean skin. The hibiscus, willow bark and the sugar extract exfoliate the skin, while the rose and chamomile extracts fight inflammation, reduce irritation and calm things down. This mask should be used once or twice a week for best results. Sure, you can use it less but I’d suggest not using it everyday as too much of a good thing isn’t always good.

Neroli Clarifying Toner with Vitamin C + Green Tea

This is a toner rich in vitamin C that helps the skin, boosting the collagen, fighting the blemishes and getting rid of the dark spots. You’ll find natural ingredients like thyme, neroli, willow bark extract and others which fight inflammation. They also have anti-bacterial properties and help prevent acne breakouts form occurring.

This toner also contains green tea extract (which has antioxidant properties) and aloe vera (great for soothing and calming skin irritation). The vitamin C and B3 improve elasticity, tone of the skin and the end result is better, brighter looking skin.

Herbal Balancing Serum with Immortelle + Green Tea

Another herbal serum rich in antioxidants and beneficial plant extracts is the Herbal Balancing Serum. This serum helps balance the oils in the skin. The product contains plant extracts like safflower oil, green tea extract and grapeseed oil. There’s chamomile and immortelle essential oils in this products that help heal the skin. You’ll find that other ingredients exist in this product as well. Take a look at the label for a full rundown of them.

Buying The Products

You’ll find these products for sale on Amazon.com, a bunch of Google Shopping retailers, and the official website. The products are for sure affordable and worth trying in my opinion.


The Apoterra Skincare company produces a wide range of holistic, natural, organic skin care products. The products are jam-packed with natural ingredients and there are many, many positive reviews of the products. Many satisfied customers rave about their experiences using these products. Lots of them are even doing video reviews on the products even. Based on the composition of the products and the company’s devotion to using high-quality, natural ingredients, you can be certain that nobody is lying about the effectiveness of the products.

However, there are some concerning reviews from people with very sensitive skin that are prone to allergies. If you’re the type that deals with allergic reactions of your skin on a regular basis, then you’ll want to be careful here. If you’ve got sensitivity to plants, then be careful.

Circling back to the website, one can easily navigate and find pretty much all the useful information necessary about skin care routines, product selection, as well as advice on the daily skin care rituals. The products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. Give them a try and report back to us please! If you’re not interested in this brand and you want to find more, take a peek at the homepage and see what you can find.

Apoterra Skin Brand Review
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