Anti Pollution Skin Products On The Rise In 2016


London is rather dreadful this time of the year. The lack of sunlight and the cold weather makes it pretty unappealing. The daily commute for people makes it unappealing as well. However, these things mentioned have not prevented people from all over from coming together in London, UK. Even with the crowds, pollution and lack of vitamin D, people find it attractive. But does their skin and complexion find it equally attractive? I think not! Don’t worry though, there’s always anti pollution skin care products that can help with that!

anti pollution skin products
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Anti Pollution Skin Care Product Now Popular In London

With hundreds of nationalities and over 8 million residents, London seems to be quite the “hot spot” in the United Kindom. Turns out that those residing in London have faces that are easily identifiable if they were to be compared to others from different locations in a biological experiment. All that being said, the smog and fog seem┬áto have spawned an uptick in the skin care industry. According to an article written in, 2016 is said to be a booming year for both urban make-up and anti-pollution skin care.

Think I’m kidding? Think again! Pollution is ridiculously high in London as it took less than a week into the new year for the capital to show off its pollution power and exceed the annual limit. You know what happens to your skin when mixed with pollution? You guessed it, clogged pores galore.

The uptick in anti pollution skin care products are likely to help resides further fight the battle of the pores. They’ll likely be doing it with some products that contain heavy amounts of vitamin C in order to battle the pollution.

According to the article, clogged pores are not the only skin problems this region seems to be dealing with. They’ve got other skin problems such as dark under eye bags. This issue seems to exist as a result of all the lack of sleep within the region. Those living in the area apparently prefer to spend time out late at night versus in their beds. Mix that with the stress of commuting to work every day and you’ve got yourself a real mess now.

If you’re not aware of any anti pollution products that exist and you’re living in the London area then I suggest you keep reading. Here are a couple of product pointers for those in a smoggy area looking to protect themselves.

There’s an anti pollution clay mask that Bobbi Brown launched called the Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask. It costs about $40 and is said to do a good job removing the city grit from your skin. It’s a quick application that you can use daily. If you’re looking to retain whatever good skin you do have you should try and stay stress-free. For that, I recommend using a nice cleanser combined with a hot cloth.

Lastly, you’re going to need a way to fight the typical city puffy eye syndrome and you can do that with a high quality under eye cream or serum.

I don’t mind visiting London, but you can be sure that I’ll be packing some high-quality skin care products for my trip!

Anti Pollution Skin Products On The Rise In 2016
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