Anti Pollution Skin Care Protection Is Trending


You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time during your daily routines to cover all the bases in an attempt to keep your skin healthy looking. Well, turns out there may be one more base you need to consider and that’s pollution! Anti pollution skin care is all the rage and it’s putting a stronger emphasis on just how important it is to protect skin today.

anti pollution skin care

Anti Pollution Skin Care: The Trending Category

Anti pollution skin care protection is starting to trend and if you’re not already taking action to protect yourself from this, you’ll soon be doing so in the near future.

According to an article published in, some skin doctors are urging that we protect our faces from pollution such as smoke, dust, and smog. Doctors are not telling us this just because these pollutants can make our skin greasy or dull but instead, it’s because they could be accelerating the aging process, making us look older.

While we all know that smoking cigarettes can certainly have a negative impact on our overall health and beauty, Dr.Tom Mammone, director of skin physiology at Clinique Worldwide confirmed that “smoke and particulate matter [PM] pollution have been found to be damaging to skin directly, the long-term effects of which are wrinkles and premature aging.”

If you think that skin care companies aren’t already on top of this, think again. Big players within the skin care industry are working hard to release product lines within this new category of anti pollution skin care.

Based on conversations that I’ve had with people and the research that I’ve done, the anti pollution skin care category is gaining traction in Korea. It also seems to be gaining significant traction in the United States with companies now introducing products specifically to protect against many types of pollutants in the world.

The anti pollution skin care category is too new to me and I’m not well versed enough to share products within it but you can count on seeing some well-known brands bring a few new items to market in the near future. I can, however, suggest that if you’re still not using any type of anti wrinkle cream or serum then you should start doing so immediately. I would also suggest that you be sure to incorporate a cream that contains SPF and some sort of moisturizer in it to aid in the defense against chemical particles that exist in pollution which may be causing skin cell damage. If you want to get a head start on this, I’d suggest you quit smoking immediately.

What’s next? 

Perhaps you think you know which direction the industry as a whole is taking? Maybe you have any insight or perhaps an opinion on what’s set to become the next trend to hit the market within the skin care industry? If you do, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to discuss this topic with you. I’m constantly speaking with individuals with the industry and I have an open door policy when it comes to discussing things. Feel free to contact me anytime should you be interested!

Anti Pollution Skin Care Protection Is Trending
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