AngelLift DermaLift Strips Review

Have you ever seen the show Shark Tank featuring Mark Cuban and a number of other investors looking for diamonds in the rough to invest, acquire, and eventually cash in on. One of those companies featured on Shark Tank was AngelLift. They appeared back in mid 2014 to showcase their anti aging product.

The product? A strange prosthetic strip that supposedly makes your lips appear fuller without the use of invasive injections or anything of that nature. Before you go purchasing the AngelLift strips, you’re best bet is to learn more about the product. I’ll share what I know and what you need to know in order to make a purchasing decision.

angellift strips review

More About AngelLift Strips

The first thing you want to decipher is whether or not this can really make your lips fuller or not. If the brand motto speaks anything to its effectiveness, then you quickly learn that “correction without injection” may in fact be possible.

Unlike the typical dermal injection, the AngelLift Strips are able to add volume from the inside out and without having to pierce the skin. The product is able to add more volume to the skin under the skin versus in the skin.

This is a very unique product in a sense that you can reuse the strips. They are also hypoallergenic, can be reversed, reused, and more. The AngelLift strips are said to be able to successfully replace pressure that often gives way through natural aging progression. Replacing the pressure lost due to gum recession helps one quickly reduce lines around the mouth caused due to getting older.

The company behind this technology is so confident that they’ve made the claim that AngelLift is safer than getting surgery and that it’ll last longer than any injections or topical serum application.

Is it an instant fix? Well, not quite but within 30 days of embracing and adopting this technology, it can have a positive impact on your skin.

How To Use The AngelLift DermaStrips

Using the AngelLift strips is pretty simple. All you need to do is focus on completely the simple three steps and that’s it. Here are the specific steps you must take:

Step 1 – You’ll want to be sure to only treat one area at a time. That’s the first step. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, insert a DermaStrip either under your lower lip or your upper lip.

Step 2 – Leave the AngelLift strip in your mouth for 30 minutes, taking care to keep your mouth very relaxed and closed. Do your best to avoid talking, drinking anything, sleeping, and eating. You’ll want to avoid all these things because they cause various muscles to work during each activity.

Step 3 – Once you’ve used the DermaStrips for a period of 30 days, (or more or less depending on the desired look), then you can begin to reduce the number of times you use the strips from daily to weekly. You’ll also want to incorporate DermaSome which is a serum and DermaLips which is a lip serum.

The results will follow. Couldn’t be easier, right?

AngelLift Buying Details (Cost/Returns)

If you’re looking to purchase the AngelLift strips, then you’re in luck. They’ve got two different offers for you to consider. The “Basic” version costs about $80 and it consists of the following items (2 DermaStrips, 1 Case, DermaLips serum, Instructions) and the “Essentials” version costs roughly $120. This version comes with (2 DermaStrips, 1 Case, DermaLips serum, DermaSome serum, Instructions, 16 Microfiber pH Facial wipes).

Assuming that you’re just interested in testing this out, you’ve got nothing to lose. AngelLift offers a 60-day return policy as well as a lifetime warranty if you use the product as suggested. They also have a customer support team that can assist with any purchasing issues or concerns. They can be reached by emailing or calling 1-855-980-6677.

Third-Party Reviews

Guess what consumers have to say about this product? A quick search on Amazon led me to the following reviews. Those below are showing the most recent reviews published. It seems to me that most people have embraced the use of these DermaStrips. Now, there are some negative reviews but that seems to be the case with most skin products today. There are always going to be people bashing products like this. It just happens and all to frequently too. However, for the most part, they’ve got a decent rating on Amazon. 66% of the reviews on are five star rated.

AngelLift Amazon reviewsIf you dig a little deeper, you might find some websites that have unfavorable reviews on AngelLift products but those are independent websites providing their own personal recommendations and reviews. They are not consumer reviews for the most part.

Bottom Line – Give Them A Try

If I had to make a choice here between getting injections or trying this out, I’d go for the AngelLift all the way.


Well, in 30 days you’ll know whether or not they’ve worked or made a difference and it’s a non invasive choice. Additionally, you’ll have a 60-day return/refund policy to back up on should you have unfavorable results. It’s a no-brainer. Another reason why I like the idea of using this product is that it’s not anything that you need to reach out to your doctor or dermatologist about. Given that you’re not actually applying anything directly to your skin, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


AngelLift DermaLift Strips Review
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  1. Not sure when this review was written, but unless the guarantee has recently changed, the dermastrips are not refundable up until 60 days unless they are ‘unused’. I’m not sure what kind of ‘like them or return them’ policy that is but I do think it’s very misleading. Furthermore, it has been stated on many reviews, if you request a refund within the first month, they claim you need to give the strips more time, thus putting you over the 30-day refundable period. Not good business practice in my opinion.

  2. I just read a comment that Dermastrips are not refundable unless unused. This is not true. You can return them for a full refund, up to 60 days, even if used. These worked fantastic for me, but my sister did return them as her invisiligns could not be worn while she used Angellift.