Amber Rose Shares Her Fun Skin Secret That’s Totally Free


One thing that can be said about Amber Rose is that she’s a bit on the edge or against the grain so to speak. The 32-year-old is very famous for her modeling skills, fashion designing and also for marrying a famous rapper named, Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose isn’t afraid to do anything at all. She’s pretty much fearless. Despite the fact that she was kicked off of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ we still think that she’s a winner in our eyes. When Amber isn’t modeling or acting like a badass, she’s doing what other celebrities often do, giving advice during interviews!

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Amber Rose And Fun Skin Secret Will Shock You!

Some celebs have some skin secrets that are wild and crazy. I mean, Kim Kardashian uses that vampire blood mask, which is pretty darn wild. Then there are some basic skin treatments that majority of the people in society aren’t afraid to say, “get it on” with!

Amber Rose has a special secret that’s been backed by scientific evidence (supposedly). Guess what, Amber Rose claims that pleasuring oneself is the best free secret to achieve a flawless glowing skin complexion.

She recently was interviewed by some of the folks at Allure Magazine and mentioned this during her interview.

Guess what, there are dermatologists that back her claim! A dermatologist by the name of Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, from Capital Laser and Skin Care had this to say about Amber Rose’s secret, “It’s really simple — sex decreases stress, which, in turn, reduces stress hormones in the body, which helps to lower inflammation.”

Now, I’m not saying that this is the answer to all your acne problems, but what I am saying is that it seems like it just might help make your skin look a little better.

Of course, there are other free or low-cost things that you can do to help improve your skin complexion. Getting a little bit of exercise by working out daily should help your skin look better.

Another thing that you can do is take a swim in the ocean if you live close by the sea. The ocean is filled with sea salt and other minerals that are very healthy for your skin. These minerals fight off infections and can truly have a positive impact on your appearance. That holds true especially if you have skin that’s infected with acne causing bacteria. If you’re like Alice Morgan and you suffer from extreme eczema, then it might be worth taking a swim in the deep blue sea to see if it helps.

The folks at Refinery29 filmed Amber while asking her a bunch of questions. Here’s the video…

Amber Rose Shares Her Fun Skin Secret That’s Totally Free
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