Amazon & Whole Foods: The Impact On Your Skin Care Shopping


If you’ve spent just a few minutes on the Internet you would know that the Amazon and Whole Foods merger has taken place. There’s a good chance that almost every reader of ours purchases something at either Whole Foods or Amazon. I’m not here to play favorites or compare and contrast the two companies. I’ll leave that to the guys on Wall St. Instead, I’m here to share just how much it means to your skin care and beauty routine. Okay, maybe not your entire routine but the purchasing of some essential items.

whole foods and amazon merger

Whole Foods Cut Costs Big Time As Amazon Takes Over

For those that find Whole Foods to be extremely unaffordable, you’ll be happy to learn that the food prices were cut by almost 50 percent in some cases. That’s Black Friday savings if you ask me! All those natural fruits such as bananas, apples, lemons, and even the avocado are now really inexpensive. Time to make some guacamole I guess! Want to guess what else they chopped down in terms of pricing? You guessed it, skin, beauty and personal care products as well!

In fact, one of the most significant changes that were made is the ability to purchase organic beauty products and natural beauty products through Amazon. Let me clarify things there. So, if you head to a Whole Foods and check out the skin care product section, you’ll notice that many products out there are store branded products. Well, all those Whole Foods products are now available for purchase via Amazon’s website. Even better, you can purchase these products via the super fast delivery service, Amazon PrimeNow, and Prime Pantry.

It gets much better too…

I’m a huge advocate for using coconut oil on a daily basis. I do so in my protein shakes as well as on my skin. Well, the 365 Everyday Value products like this coconut oil, is not available at discounted Prime saving prices.

The one thing that I’m not 100% sure on is the fate of the other name brand skin care lines that they carry. I’m referring to the natural Jason products, Dr. Hauschka, and many others. Based on the research that we’ve done, it seems like those brands and the prices associated with the products are to remain as is. However, we’re not all that unhappy with that given the savings to come in other areas and within the Whole Foods brand.

This might be a good time to get out there and start shopping for some Whole Foods products. A store that was once unaffordable for many Americans may now turn into the most highly sought after grocery and natural food chain on the market.

Now if you’re not an avid shopper of Whole Foods and you’re curious what types of products you should pick up there, I’ll be glad to share some suggestions. For starters, I’d say anything related to stomach health such as probiotics and super greens, they should be purchased here. I’d also like to suggest that you pick up your apple cider vinegar as well as your wild fish. They’ve got plenty of options for fish and if you’re all about getting your EFAs, then you might want to consider trying out the wild caught Alaskan salmon.

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Amazon & Whole Foods: The Impact On Your Skin Care Shopping
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