Amazon Prime Now Offering Beauty Product Samples


Today kind of feels like Christmas! It’s the first official day of spring, yet we’re supposed to get hit with a major snow storm in the Massachusetts. It’s not the snow that’s causing me to think of Christmas but the offer that Amazon recently rolled out.

If you’ve got an Amazon Prime account, then this might be something that you’re going to want to hear about. The mega Internet giant recently rolled out a simple feature to Amazon Prime members called, “Prime Samples.” This is an offer that they’ve rolled out to every Prime member and as a member, it allows you to simply add beauty products of sample sizing to your checkout cart.

Amazon Prime Beauty

The sample products cost anywhere between $2 – $4 and once you’ve made a purchase, you actually get that money back after doing so! Well, you kind of get the money back. What happens is your Prime account gets credited that amount and those credits can then be used to purchase full size products.

Pretty neat huh!

So, say you find something that you like using, simply apply those credits and you’re good to go – full version of a product of choice delivered to your doorstep.

There’s always a catch and in this case, it’s that you only get one sample of a specific product and that’s it. So, if you’re thinking of gaming the system to obtain 100 samples of Le Mar Cream, think again.

What about Ipsy and Birchbox?

These two have been around for what seems like forever! In fact, we’ve covered Birchbox extensively here and some editors get it monthly. We’ve also covered Ipsy and even rolled out with a comparison of the two. I guess I’ll have to incorporate Amazon Prime into the next product comparison update. My prediction is that these two subscription sample models may suffer a bit. Whenever Amazon rolls out with anything, it tends to shake the marketplace up a bit. However, loyal customers will stick with what they know and love.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out this page here.

Amazon Prime Now Offering Beauty Product Samples
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