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Have you seen the infamous Dr. Oz TV Show? What about the Oprah Winfrey Show? If you’ve seen either of these shows then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a few skin care and beauty products at one point or another. One of the brands that you might have come across is known as Alpha Hydrox. The skin care brand includes a large array of various product types. You’ll find things like sunscreens, facial cleansers, body moisturizers, toner, and even kits containing many skin care products.

The selection of product is quite wide but there is a commonality that exists between each of them. All of the Alpha Hydrox products contain an ingredient known as alpha hydroxy acids aka AHAs. The AHAs are actually very common in many products on the market today. The ingredient is often synthetically manufactured in labs at a low cost or they are derived from natural things. Before you go using this product or any containing AHAs, it’s important that you know exactly what to look out for.

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Learn More About Alpha Hydrox

The Alpha Hydrox product line was created by a company based in the United States called Neoteric Cosmetics.The products are all manufactured in the U.S., specifically in the Denver, CO area. One thing you need to realize is that just because the products are manufactured in the facility in the U.S. doesn’t mean all the ingredients are sourced from the United States.

The parent company produces other brands aside from the Alpha Hydrox, one of which is called Neoteric Diabetic. The Neoteric Diabetic line is one that helps diabetic users manage their skin better. As you may know, proper skin healing and circulation is very important for those dealing with diabetes. If your skin heals faster, that means that there is less of a chance that an infection will develop.

Additionally, the parent company also has a couple other skin care brands known as Batiste and Montagne Jeunesse. These are European brands which have been outsourced from a manufacturing perspective. They are a shampoo line and a line of face peels and masks.

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The Alpha Hydrox Products

If you want to get a complete idea of all the products that Alpha Hydrox makes, then you need to check out the official site. I’ll do my best to cover some of the most popular products that they manufacture kicking things off with the Alpha Hydrox Foam Face Wash. HBut first, to give you a complete rundown, the products that exist are a foaming face wash, souffle, and a lotion. The Foam Face Wash contains AHA which comes from citrus fruits. It’s a very affordable facial cleanser that can be purchased for less than $8.

The face wash is actually more acidic than your face with a pH balance of 6.3 versus the neutral 7.0. The reason this face wash is acidic is to help break your skin away and rid your skin of dead cells. Doing this helps jump start skin cell production, causing the new healthy skin to grow.

Another type of product is known as the AHA Souffle. This is a face cream that works to exfoliate your skin in the most gentle manner possible. This cream doesn’t need to be washed off. Instead, you leave this applied to your face and use it as a typical moisturizer. The product contains glycolic acid (12%) which can help repair damaged skin and unclog pores.

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One other product that Alpha Hydrox manufacturers are the Enhanced Lotion. This lotion contains glycolic acid (10%) which can help exfoliate your skin, reduce wrinkles and more. It’s got a low pH level of 4 and due to being acidic it can successfully exfoliate your skin.

Side Effects

As with using many of products that incorporate AHAs as their main ingredient, you’ll have to possibly deal with side effects that might occur.

Though the company believes that alpha hydroxy acids are safe, it’s possible that something may happen to your skin. If you have extra sensitive skin, then you must be cautious as the ingredient can cause your skin to become red if applied to the skin, especially in high concentrations.

Should you decide to incorporate any Alpha Hydrox products into your daily regimen, then you must test an area of your skin before using it on a larger portion of your body. Damage is likely to be temporary but it’s still important to know what you’re dealing with here. Approach product use with side effects in mind and proceed with caution. Better yet, I’d say that your best bet would be to reach out to your dermatologist to get a professional opinion on using the product.

Buying The Products

If you’re looking to buy a bunch of Alpha Hydrox products, then the best place to look is online. They are sold on the official company website and through a few authorized online retailers. Your best bet is to go ahead and purchase them through the official company site over all other options.


While I cannot make the decision for you to purchase the product, what I’d typically suggest is that you go out of your way to read all the third-party reviews written on this product. It’s not enough to simply head on over to the company website, read the sales page and make a decision. Why? Because more often than not, any skin care company is going to go out of their way to point out all the fantastic selling points of a product and hide the downsides of each.

Alpha Hydrox
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