Aloe Vera: Skin and Beauty Hacks For The New Year


It’s 2018 people! If you’re not putting your skin and beauty first, then you’re not doing the right thing. There have been plenty of articles written which share just how great Aloe Vera is for your skin. In fact, we’ve covered this topic quite a bit and can vouch for just how successful this ingredient is and can be. Having spent tens of thousands of hours researching and testing ingredients, it should go without saying that myself and the rest of the team is well-versed when it comes to this stuff.

That said, today’s your lucky day. If you’re all about taking a “hack” type approach to skin care, then this will be music to your ears. We’re sharing every aloe hack under the sun that we know about (pun intended)!

Aloe Vera Hacks

Aloe Vera Hacks To Consider In 2018

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing me talk about skin care hacks, tricks, and all these other things, but I’m going to keep on keeping on! Today, it’s aloe vera time and covering up your skin burns isn’t the only thing you should be doing with this stuff.

One aloe vera hack that’s pretty uncommon but effective is using this ingredient as an eyebrow gel. If you’re having a bad eyebrows day and you want to put forth the effort to make them look good without using makeup, then aloe vera gel is the hack! Most people (including myself) simply apply this using a mascara wand. Simply using the wand to apply the gel to your eyebrows will help keep them looking perfect and without the use of makeup. This will without a doubt help you tame your eyebrows, trust me.

The next aloe vera hack I want to share with your is using this ingredient as a shaving cream substitute! I’m constantly shaving my legs and doing so frequently, I run out of shaving cream almost weekly. When I do, I simply grab some aloe vera instead of using a bar of soap or something of that nature. The aloe is better for your skin versus just saving with a simple bar of soap. This hack has recently gone viral and it’s one of the most popular aloe vera hacks out there today.

I should mention this hack even though everybody on the planet knows of it. Yup, I’m talking about using aloe vera to soothe a sunburn. The main reason this aloe¬†vera “hack” works is due to the crazy amount of vitamins in the ingredient. Things like vitamin C, vitamin A, aminos, minerals and other things of that nature are in aloe vera. If you have a sunburn, then just use this and thank me later!

The last aloe vera hack that I want to cover today is using this ingredient as a body lotion substitute. Aloe vera can actually safely replace your body lotion and it already has for thousands of people. The key here is to either use natural aloe vera or use some product that contains aloe vera. I prefer to grow my own to say money!

Well, those are some simple aloe vera hacks that should keep you busy testing for the rest of the week. My suggestion is to definitely start incorporating this into your daily regimen if you haven’t already. Any questions, please let me know!

Aloe Vera: Skin and Beauty Hacks For The New Year
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