Aloe Vera Gel For Skin

We’ve all seen that one movie scene where one person gets hurt and another person applies aloe vera gel to the wound. If you haven’t seen this, I’m assuming you understand that aloe vera has some amazing healing powers and that it’s great for your skin. Many people keep aloe vera gel stored in their medicine cabinet without understanding how truly powerful this ingredient really is.

The ingredient has been around for many centuries and it’s not a shocker that Egyptians referred to this as the “plant of immortality.” The medicinal healing power that this gel has is unreal, especially when it comes to healing sunburns and other skin issues.

aloe-vera-gel-for-skinWhat Is Aloe Vera Gel?

If you’re not quite familiar with this ingredient, then you might not know where it comes from. Aloe vera gel comes from the aloe vera cactus plant. This plant is a member of the Liliaceae family. It can be found growing in dry climate areas and has been used by many people for literally centuries.

The gel can be found inside the leaves of the aloe vera plant. When you break one of the leaves off of the plant, you will notice a thick clear gel inside the leaf. This gel is literally applied directly to wounds and skin irritations to help heal and rejuvenate the skin.

What’s great about this plant is that it’s been used for so long that the number of people that have used the plant to effectively healing their┬áskin is unbelievable.

Aloe vera gel has properties that effectively treat a number of difficult skin conditions. It’s known to treat flaky and dry skin, cosmetic issues, hair as well as scalp issues.

The gel is also very effective in healing burns, skin infections, wounds, diabetes, and even other conditions such as herpes, eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis. The list is almost endless.

Here are some specific benefits of using aloe vera gel.

Sunburn Treatment

If you walk into any pharmacy in the middle of summer, chances are you’re going to find a few shelves jam packed with aloe vera gel. That’s because using it is one of the best ways to treat a sunburn. Applying the gel creates a protective coating on the skin and it helps increase the amount of moisture in the skin. As a result, the skin begins to heal at a much faster pace.

Acne Treatment

There’s nothing like a natural acne treatment and this is one ingredient that takes the cake when it comes to healing acne. The reason this is so powerful when it comes to healing and treating acne is due to the hormones that are in the gel.

Both auxin and gibberellins are present in the plant and they contain healing and inflammation reducing properties. Additionally, gibberellin is able to stimulate the production of new cells. As a result, the skin heals rapidly and without too much scarring. Given that aloe gel feels soothing on the skin, it helps reduce any discomfort from itching and blistering that might occur as a result of having acne.

In the event that you have chronic skin inflammation issues,this ingredient is simple, easy and effective in fighting off the issues and reducing the inflammation. Acne, psoriasis, and eczema. You name it, ale vera gel will help!

Anti Aging

Some of us prefer to age and others, well, we prefer to fight the anti aging process. Those that wish to remain young looking likely do so with the help from aloe vera gel. Those using aloe vera are likely getting a plethora of antioxidants that are good for your skin. The leaves contain an abundant amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, all of which help reduce the presence of wrinkles, skin folds and fine lines. It can also help keep your skin firm and well hydrated.

Moisturize Skin

If you want to moisturize your skin without having to deal with the greasy and messy oily residue that most moisturizers leave then incorporate aloe vera gel instead. It’s great for use in both men and women.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Many men and women want to get rid of their stretch marks. The skin is very elastic and it can easily expand and constrict to better adapt to the growth of our bodies. However, when the skin stretches fast and far (in one direction or the other) then you’re left with ugly stretch marks. The skin is damaged and the marks begin to appear as a result. Aloe vera may be your best friend if you’re looking to hide the stretch marks.

Better Health Overall

Aloe vera contains more nutrients than I can even successfully name off. I’d say well over fifty different types of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, saponins, sugars and more. These are all wonderful for your overall health when consumed in moderation.

Periodontal Disease Relief

I know it sounds strange and uncommon but periodontal disease can be treated using a little bit of this magic gel. According to sources, it can reduce any bleeding, inflammation, swelling and more. It is known to have antiseptic and antifungal properties. Both of which help reduce the chances of having further issues with ulcers, the split corners of the mouth and other problematic issues.

Digestion Assistance

Aloe vera gel is supposed to be absolutely incredible for your digestive system. The aloe vera plant is known for relieving ulcers in the stomach. It’s been said that consuming aloe vera can help regulate your digestive system. You can test the personal impact this has on your digestive system by chewing a freshly cut leaf from the plant itself.

Where To Buy It

If you’re looking to purchase organic aloe vera gel, I suggest you check a few places. You should start by checking the health store in your local area. I also suggest checking the closest plant nursery to see if they sell aloe vera seeds or plants. In the event that they do, you can grow your own plant to have access to as much aloe vera gel as you desire. As an alternative, visit the local pharmacy and look for some organic gel.

Consult With A Physician

Before consuming or applying any aloe vera gel, I want you to contact a physician. Not because this natural ingredient is dangerous, but because you may be allergic to it. It’s not common for many to have an allergic reaction after applying aloe vera gel. However, when it does happen, it can be severe. You want to reduce the chances of having a bad reaction to this ingredient. Be sure to consult a physician before using this. Once cleared, you as much as you’d like and reap the benefits of aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Gel For Skin
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