Aldi Expands Lacura Skin Care Line


Although it is only taking place in Australia, grocery store Aldi is expanding its line of luxury skin care products called Lacura. In addition, they just announced several new anti aging skin care products. All of these new products are under $20 each according to the Daily Mail. This is great news for budget but quality conscious consumers and furthers the trends of retailers private labelling their own products.

In the Lacura Icellage line of skin care products we have the Night Cream, Eye Gel, Day Cream and Intensive Serum. Each are said to contain powerful ingredients like Alpine flower cells. This is the first time I have heard of this ingredient but now curious to look in to it further. Hyaluronic acid (which we have covered in depth) is the main base ingredient in all of the Lacura products. Primrose oil and shea butter make appearances as well.

Aldi Lacura Skin Care Products
Lacura’s Clear Effects is private labelled by Aldi

Lacura Skin Care Products Created By Aldi

The Lacura skin care product line is reportedly dermatologically tested, but I’m not sure if that is a selling point these days as any legitimate skin care product is created by cosmetic pharmacists. In the Q10 collection for women’s who are over 30, there is the Rivive Hyaluronic Gel which is only $8 and the Science Skin Renew Face Night Cream that costs $6. These are decent quality products especially for the price. There is also the “Revialise” Collection which is designed for mature skin. It consists of highly moisturizing and highly intensive skin care products. Finally, they make the “Skin Science” collection. This was formulated to target all skin types and features scientific ingredients like peptides.

Right now it is only Australians that have access to these new skin care products by Aldi. They are currently available online to Australians for purchase. I’m hoping to see Lacura in the United States soon. Great value at $5-$10 per product. If stores continue to private label at these prices, it will be come increasingly popular. As a consumer I’d recommend the Lacura skin care products from Aldi.

Aldi Expands Lacura Skin Care Line
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