Add Some Salts To Your Skin Care Routine


Some people will tell you that sale is one of the worst things that you can include in your diet and daily routine. Sure, it’s not nearly as bad as smoking cigarettes, but some think it’s bad for you. My response to all those people thinking this is horrible is simple. Everything that’s consumed excessively is bad for you.

Don’t think for a second that salt is bad for you or your skin. In fact, it’s one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to body scrubs and exfoliating products. Salt has some major benefits, yes, more than simply destroying those dead skin cells that have caked up on your body for a long time.

In fact, there are different types of salt which have their own benefits. If you’re afraid to apply salt to your skin, don’t be. There’s plenty of reason as to why you should be using this ingredient and I’m going to share all that with you now. What I’ll tell you from the get-go is that you need to leave the table salt behind and opt for the more exciting salts out there. You’ll soon understand what I mean, just keep reading.

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Salts That Are Great For Your Skin & Body

Why do we use salt, aside from the common ability to make our food taste better?

Many reasons.

Just to give you an idea as to why we’ve been using this for so long, it all has to do with salt’s antiseptic properties, oil balancing properties, wound healing properties, and so much more.

There are lots of nutrients that are involved here in these different types of salts too. Keep that in mind when making a decision to take action with the following:

Epsom Bath Salts

I know more people that are obsessed with using Epsom bath salts than any other salt product. It’s perhaps the most popular product when it comes to detoxing your skin and relieving yourself from muscle pain and soreness. If you’re battling inflammation, then soaking in this will help soothe your skin. It’s great for those to use who are battling eczema due to its ability to essentially destroy bacteria cells in a roundabout way.

Some people like to add essential oils to their bathtub and take a nice Epsom salt bath. It helps better balance the skin’s oil levels.

Himalayan Salt Cleanser

Did you know that Himalayan salt is praised as being the purest salt on the planet? This type of salt can be found in the Himalayan Mountains. The salt there is completely toxin-free as well as pollutant-free. There are dozens of minerals and elements within this salt. It’s actually the only salt that I will voluntarily consume myself.

If you’re dealing with breakouts on a regular basis, then you might wish to incorporate some Himalayan salt into your skin routine. All you need to do is place a teaspoon of Himalayan Salt into an anti-inflammatory tea and your good to go! It then becomes the perfect antibacterial to cleanse your face with. Did I mention that it’s very affordable as well?

Sea Salt Mouth Spray

Did you know that salt naturally helps preserve foods? Well, it can also help keep your mouth from spoiling in a sense. Salt water is widely known for being an economical rinse that people turn to regularly to heal their oral wounds. Sea salt can also prevent gingivitis from forming and even improve the health of your gums overall. I know it’s not necessarily related to your skin but your oral cavity is relevant as well.

Making this oral spray concoction is pretty easy. All you need to do is take a spray bottle and add one tablespoon of sea salt, some water, and an essential oil of your choice. Most people prefer to use clove for its antimicrobial properties.

There are other things some consumers like to use salt for in their skin and health routines. I strongly encourage you to do your research and take some action on this right here. It’s a game changer.

Add Some Salts To Your Skin Care Routine
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