Today I’m going to be discussing something that’s categorized as a topical antibiotic treatment for those suffering from acne. The specific product is known as Aczone and I’m sure that you’ve heard of it at one point or another. Assuming that you’ve been studying the best acne treatments that are available.

There’s a specific company behind this antibiotic and it’s a company called Allegran. They are a global pharmaceutical company that markets a significant number of skin care brands.

One thing you need to understand is that Aczone may not work your acne. Reason being, it simply doesn’t work on every single type of acne. However, some patients have said that it works well when other prescriptions and treatments have actually failed them.

In the event that you’re interested in purchasing this product, you’re going to have to do more than just show up at the local drug store. It’s not available over the counter. If you want to get your hands on this treatment you will need to visit your local dermatologist to ask for a prescription. In fact, this approach is pretty typical for many acne medications. It’s not because they want to make it more difficult, it’s due to how important it is that you regulate the use and monitor things.
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Using Aczone And What You Must Know

You will want to pay close attention to whatever your doctor has prescribed in terms of dosage. However, a typical dosage is to use Aczone two times per day for about a 3-month period.

The application process is a breeze. Start by washing your face as best as possible, ensuring that you’ve removed any nasty dirt, oil, or any other residue. Once your face has been thoroughly cleaned, you can then apply the gel. All you need is just a small amount of gel and the should do the trick.

Many recommend staying away from acne products and washes containing sulfur as well as benzoyl peroxide such as this product. Using them while using Aczone can cause excessive drying of your skin.


If you’re curious about the ingredients, you can check out the official website to learn more about them. I’ll give you an overview of them now. The main active ingredient is called dapsone and it’s a topical gel. It’s been said to be the only acne product on the market that contains dapsone. I definitely recommend checking out the website in the event that you want to try this out. They have a section where the company lists out safety information. I would definitely start there for sure!

Be sure to let your dermatologist know if you’re pregnant. It’s rather potent and there could be some side effects associated with using Aczone while pregnant or nursing.

Side Effects

Some of the more common side effects of using Aczone are similar to many other acne medications. It’s not uncommon for people to develop dry or even extremely flaky skin while on this medication. On the other hand, some people have mentioned that Aczone causes their skin to become extreme oily. As you know, your body may begin to over produce sebum in the event that your skin becomes excessively dry.

One thing you need to understand is that it’s possible for this medication to cause serious issues with patients. Should you begin to develop any shortness fo breath, back pain or pain anywhere for that matter, you’ll want to contact your physician immediately.

Purchasing Aczone

If you’re interested in purchasing Aczone, then you need to book an appointment with your dermatologist and let them know you’re interested in trying this medication out.

If you’re interested in saving some money, you can go to their site and fill out a coupon that’s available on the company site. They give you $35 off your purchase.

Alternatives To Aczone

For those of you that prefer to try out something less invasive, I suggest buying an over the counter acne product. The problem here that most people completely forget to do is that they forget to identify the type of acne that they have. See, there are different types of treatment for different types of acne. Knowing your skin condition and what you’re dealing with is very important. Any other approach is not going yield best results.

Third-Party Reviews

You may also want to educate yourself a bit more before purchasing the product. What I typically suggest is that you check out some of the other reviews that have been published online. For example, has rated Aczone an average of 7.7 based on 145 reviews. Now that’s not terrible but it’s also not that great either. You may also find a Reddit thread where people have both praised and ripped this product to death. All I’m saying is, be sure to do your research, please! Be sure to continue looking around our site to get a better indication of what’s worth trying when it comes to skin care.

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