Actress Sofia Vergara Suing Skin Care Brand


If you own a skin care company and you’re contemplating using a photo of someone to promote your product, I’d suggest you think again! Beautiful actress Sofia Vergara is taking action against someone for something you’d never guess.

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Credit: Instagram @sofiavergara Sofia Vergara sues skin care company.

Sofia Vergara Sues Skin Care Company Over Image Use

Sofia Vergara is no stranger to the camera. She’s beautiful and has literally had millions of photos taken of her over her lifetime, maybe even more, to be honest. Sofia is also the type of actress that prides herself on taking good care of her skin and body. To the best of my knowledge, she doesn’t cut corners and she takes all the necessary steps to remain on the forefront of maintaining a healthy glow.

Well, a radio station recently reported that Sofia Vergara had posted a photo of her using a product. She posted the photo right before the 2014 Emmys. The photo shows her using a skin machine called Venus Concept. Apparently the company that makes Venus Concept has been using huge photos of Sofia Vergara getting a treatment with the machine. They’ve gone as far as blowing up the photo to huge size proportions in order to post them during expos. The photo is said to have been set up at exhibition booths, trade shows as well as the Internet.

Why is Sofia Vergara suing if she posted the picture? Simple, Sofia Vergara is a living, breathing, walking billboard and she makes a lot of money through product endorsements. According to Sofia, her endorsements start at a cool $15 million.

That’s not the only reason she’s suing, though. Apparently she found it to be a huge waste of money and time. It’s never a good thing when a celebrity of her stature says your product is bad. Furthermore, you really have to question a company that decides to use a photo f someone that famous in an attempt to promote their product without permission. That’s pretty gutsy if you ask me!

Keep in mind that a lot of celebrities endorse products that they don’t use and they get paid a pretty penny for doing so. Most even get paid millions just like Sofia. The important thing to always remember is that this is business and just because someone famous promotes or endorses the product doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you.

Actress Sofia Vergara Suing Skin Care Brand
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