Activated Charcoal Pills

I’ve been in the skin care for years and I recently tried out something that seems to be the hottest trend in skin care and detoxing today. I’m talking about activated charcoal pills. Lots of people that have heard of charcoal pills and know about them are totally obsessed with them. Those that haven’t heard of them don’t know what they are missing. I often like to branch out in order to try new things. Well, I tried them and I can tell you that they work, at least for one thing that is…
activated charcoal pills

What Are Charcoal Pills?

There is nothing complex about this substance. Charcoal pills are exactly what you think they are, nothing but pills that are charcoal. These pills are best known for eliminating toxins and unwarranted germs.

Let me give you some insight as to why these pills rock! Before I do, I want you to understand that these pills can be somewhat dangerous to ingest if you don’t know what you’re doing. What I can way is that this tiny little pill might be the best hangover cure that I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. I’ll even share the exact situation in which I used these pills. Again, I’m not suggesting that you go ahead and start using these but I think they might be perfect if you’re looking it cure a hangover fast as lighting..

I’ll share my exact story trying the charcoal pills. I was on vacation and had been consuming alcohol at a wedding out of state. After drinking what I consider to be an excessive amount of alcohol, I no sooner realized what a big mistake it was. I knew that my flight home the following day was going to be something that I’d be dreading in just a few short hours. Sure enough, I was searching for a solution to help eliminate my headache when I awake. After all, there is nothing worse than traveling with a hangover. Truth be told, I should have made better decisions to not drink alcohol, but I was young at the time. Anyway, I found two activated charcoal pills which I purchased at the gym. I took one of them and drank a full bottle of water.

The next morning I woke up in complete shock. I felt better than I’d ever felt after consuming alcohol in my entire life. That led to one thing though, I was very skeptical of just how good this could be if it made me feel better. I’ll get further into what I did after that. To be honest, I ended up doing a ton of research on the substance and soon realized that it’s exactly what people use if they go through a detox program. I soon realized that this was something that I shouldn’t ever abuse like that again and never did it again. However, it’s something that might be safe to use if necessary and it might actually help improve your health significantly.

Let me quickly cover some of the main reasons why you might want to ingest activated charcoal. For starters, it’s a great way to capture unwanted material and toxic substances that might be damaging your system. In fact, it’s known as being one of the best absorbing agents that naturally exists today. The rejuvenation and digestive properties that charcoal pills have are pretty incredible.

Helping your body eliminate toxins can be really beneficial, especially if you live in a polluted and toxic environment. Being excessively exposed to toxins can cause many issues including allergic reactions, a weaker immune system, and even fast aging. Removing toxins from your system can really make you feel better than ever in just a matter of minutes.

Specific Things That Activated Charcoal Pills Can Help With

These are some of the things that activated charcoal pills can do are listed below. Various pieces of research indicates that charcoal activation can definitely benefit individuals that need to remove poisons from their body fast.

Detox – Toxins exist everywhere and they are in places that you don’t even think about. Foods that are processed or of low quality contain them. Environments heavily polluted contain toxins as well. Healthy brain behavior as well as digestive behavior is essential if you want to live the healthiest life possible. Too much exposure to these toxins will damage the cells within your body, they will cause allergic reactions, and will make you age quicker than usual. Incorporating activated charcoal into your regular consumption routine can help you remove the toxins and detox your body. Getting this stuff out of your system is important if you want to live a healthy life.

Digestion – Activated charcoal pills can help resolve any digestive issues that you might be having. Byproducts tend to form in your body as food breaks down. When you take activated charcoal pills, digestive issues seem to dissipate quite rapidly.

Eliminate Poisons – Sometimes we consume things that are literally poisonous. These poisons can kill us if a large enough dose is consumed. I’m talking about everything from bleach to alcohol and more. Activated charcoal pills can help you quickly flush the poison out of you system, faster than almost anything. If you ingest something that’s poisonous, then I strongly suggest you take these pills and then go to the emergency room immediately! Do not wait even a minute longer or you will be sorry!

Anti Aging – There are some studies out there which show that activated charcoal can help limit the changes that take place in our bodies at a cellular level. Taking this supplement may help improve kidney functions, liver function, and adrenal gland functions.

How To Take Activated Charcoal Pills

It’s really not my place to tell you how to take these pills. What I can do is suggest that you take them whenever you consume junk food or heavily processed foods. You can take it when you consume too much alcohol or if you are excessively tired or in a bad mood. If you have bad breath or yellow teeth, you can open a capsule and brush your teeth with it. Of course, there are many other ways that you can take these pills but your best bet is too consult a doctor as well as read the instructions on the bottle you purchase.

Where To Purchase

If you want to purchase these pills, I strongly suggest that you do so at your local pharmacy first. Don’t waste time searching online for a brand that’s not reputable. If there are not many reviews of the product, then don’t buy it online. Simple as that really.

Activated Charcoal Pills
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