Activated Charcoal Is Uber Popular In Skin Care Today


I’ve been talking about a bunch of trending topics this year in terms of new skin care ingredients. I’m here to tell you that charcoal face washes are about as popular as they’ve ever been. In fact, we wrote about this trend many months and I guess others are starting to catch on to this trend as well.

charcoal face mask uber trending

If you take a trip around some of the salons and spas in your neighborhood, you’ll notice that many of them are now starting to offer charcoal masks as an “add-on.” There are many popular brands such as Dermalogica and Clinique that both offer different types of masks. They all incorporate the use of activated charcoal, which is the main ingredient.

In fact, if you go ahead and visit Instagram, I can almost guarantee that a quick search of #charcoalmask is going to yield so many results that it’s not even funny. While there are plenty of people that buy into this craze, not everyone is convinced just yet.

While there is very little scientific evidence suggesting that charcoal has super cleansing properties, it’s certainly one ingredient and product type that keeps emerging from within the market as time goes on.

I’d be willing to guess that more charcoal based products are likely to emerge over the course of 2017.

In the event that you’re looking to incorporate activated charcoal and other types of charcoal based detox masks into your skin care regimen, then feel free to contact me. I’d love to connect with you and hear more about your personal efforts in keeping your skin perfect and toxin free!

There certainly have been a ton of different types of products that have emerged in 2016, but it’s safe to say that these charcoal masks seem to be the ones that have been making the most impact on the market thus far. Trust me, I’ll be keeping my eye on things well into the new year. For now, I think I’ll mix up my own activated charcoal mask for starters.

Activated Charcoal Is Uber Popular In Skin Care Today
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