Acne Face Map

Some people just assuming that developing zits are an act of nature and a process that you must go through. Now, others don’t necessarily feel the same way. Me and the rest of the team at know that there is much more to the story than meets the eye. It’s not just a simple act of nature, for the most part. When you start to break out in strange places, it only makes sense to evaluate the areas in which you’re breaking out. There’s something known as face mapping which might help you better determine the problems behind your bad skin.

An acne face map is nothing more than a map which helps connect your skin with various parts of your body. Lots of dermatologists are now using this ancient method in an attempt to pinpoint the exact problem areas that might be causing your acne to appear. I’m going to explain how all this works for you so that you are able to understand and evaluate your own skin. Keep in mind, it’s better for you to speak with a dermatologist than take my advice. However, I do my best to help you better care for your skin.
acne face map

Acne Face Map Overview And Zone Details

If you’re unfamiliar with the acne face map then you don’t know that there are nine different factors and areas that affect the skin on our face in terms of developing acne. Many that are strong advocates of natural and alternative medicines will likely better understand the most common places that acne appears on your face. They also know the specific health problems that may attribute to the acne. I’ll go over each area best as possible.


If you begin to develop acne in this region then it could mean that you might have digestion issues. It’s in your best interest to start drinking as much H2O as possible and slow down on the caffeine. Drinking the water will also assist in flushing your system of toxins. Basically, consuming water is great for you and there’s nothing wrong with drinking it.


Are you familiar with the famous t-zone it’s the area around your eyes and nose. This is a very popular part of the acne face map. You can easily see that it forms a “T” which is why we reference the area so much. Not to mention, it’s one of the most common areas that people develop acne in. Acne in this area is most commonly connected to the liver.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you should slow down on drinking alcohol and cut out greasy foods completely. Dairy products can also be tough on the liver as well. If you develop acne in this area, it can also mean that you’re having an allergic reaction to a food that you’ve consumed.

Upper Cheek Area

Based on my research, if you begin to develop acne on the top of your cheeks, then it’s most likely associated with a disorder of your lungs. It could be anything that’s been affecting your lungs in general, usually smoking and air pollution. Another contributor of developing acne in these areas are due to bacteria associated with objects such as cell phones and makeup products.


If you start to develop acne around your eyes, then it could be a direct result of poor kidney function. There’s only one thing that you should be doing in this case and that’s hydrating oneself. Whether you have baggy eyes, dark circles, or just basic acne, it might be because of a lack of water consumption. Drink more water and you’ll see almost instant results.

Lower Cheek Area

Developing lower cheek acne can be a direct result of poorly kept teeth. Yes, dental hygiene can impact your skin, most notably your gums. If you have inflamed gums, then it’s possible that you’ll have acne showing on your skin as well. The best treatment prevention which means you must start flossing your teeth twice daily and brushing your teeth at least twice per day. I’d also like to suggest that you cut out processed foods that contain a ton of sugar. Steer clear of the soda pop too!


Swollen nose covered with acne? Well, you better get your blood pressure checked out then. What professionals typically recommend is that you lower your sodium intake. Stick to healthy fruits and vegetables. That’s not enough, though, you really need to seek professional help if you have high blood pressure. Until then, steer clear of spicy foods, read meat, salt, and processed sugars.


Ear acne is related to kidney failure and dehydration. If you have pimples behind your ear, you better get your kidneys checked out. You best cut out all sodium as well.


Acne on your chin might be related to hormone imbalances. If you want to better control your hormones then I suggest you get plenty of rest, drinks lots of water, and eat lots of vegetables. It can also be related to stomach issues in which case, you may be carrying too many toxins in your body.


If you start to develop acne in your throat area, then you might be getting ill. This is a common sign that you are fighting some sort of bacteria. You need to take the time to rejuvenate your body. I’d suggest taking a yoga class or even a group fitness class at the gym. Be sure to drink lots of water too.

Now, regardless of what part of the acne face map you are developing acne on, you should always get a professional opinion when possible.

Acne Face Map
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