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Today we share some of the best tips to avoid acne by incorporating some general rules of thumb you can use NOW.

I don’t normally provide stringent rules when it comes to skin care. That is because everybody has unique facial features and different skin tones. With lifestyles and genetics that vary so widely it is really impossible to come up with advice that is universal, or works for everybody.

Realistically it can take many years and numerous dermatologist visits to find out what works for your skin. But it really is my life mission to obtain the best pro tips that actually work. So here it goes.

I’ve gone ahead and rounded up what I think is the best acne advice over the past few years. Some of these methods are tried and true and you have probably heard of them before, so consider this reinforcement of best skin care practices if that is the case.

So read on for my favorite acne fighting tips.

Maybe you aren’t washing your face properly

This is the most straightforward step in any beauty routine. It also is the part that most people mess up. Don’t just grab any old facial cleanser and start rubbing it on your face. You need to pay attention to the type of cleanser that you are using on your acne prone sensitive skin. If it is a cleanser that is drying out your skin that can cause acne because it triggers your skin to produce massive amounts of oils to overcompensate for its dryness.

Make sure you aren’t using cleansers that have harse exfoliants and synthetic fragrances. Avoid ones with benzoyl peroxide as this dries the skin out really fast. Also avoid cleansers with surfactants. Ideally you want to use a cleanser with a built in moisturizer.

face cleanse

Look at all the new drugstore technology

If you can’t afford laser treatment for your acne like Kendall Jenner, don’t despair. There is a new class of smart technology skin care products that will help treat those blemishes. And it is affordable. Look for new pigment clearing technology. There is a vitamin c and ferulic acid serum that you cannot miss. Normally these products are in the $100+ range but I saw it for sale today at for under $30. Use this serum to give yourself a natural chemical peel at a discount price.

Birth control is great for dealing with acne

Not many people realize that taking birth control pills can help stabilize hormones. It is these hormones that cause breakouts when unabated. The FDA has approved a number of birth control pills to counter acne. Some of these are Estrostep, Ortho Tricyclen and Yaz. Be careful because taking birth control pills can have side effects like gaining weight or even causing a heavy acne flare up. It really only works as a plan of action when used in conjunction with an acne fighting topical cream.

Birth Control Pill Container
Birth Control Pill Container — Image by Beathan

Watch your Diet

Often overlooked but the best way to fight off bad breakouts is to be careful about what you eat. Stick with an abundance of leafy green vegetables and other bright colored fruits. These have lots of acne fighting antioxidants and nutrients. This helps to counter inflammation and will work to improve the overall quality of your skin. Dairy products might contain additive ingredients that worsen acne breakouts. These are the hormones and antibiotics contained within. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. You can’t have too much water.  We also talk about foods that help your skin on this page.

Never wear makeup to the gym

It is amazing how many ladies paint on heavy makeup before hitting the gym. Remember that sweat is released through pores. If these pores are covered by makeup the sweat will not make it to the skin’s surface. This is a surefire way to clog pored and the trapped bacteria becomes the ideal breeding ground for acne.


After the gym, make sure to shower

So now you have wrapped up this hard workout, you are likely very sweaty. Your tight workout clothes can cause acne on your body and even rashes. This is because the acne causing bacteria that lives on the skin can easily be trapped beneath the clothes in the hair follicles. This can cause inflammation. The harder you work out, the more heat is created. So be sure to shower and change out of those sweaty clothes right away in order to avoid acne breakouts.

Acne Cheat Sheet
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