Signs Your Acne Breakouts Are Not Just That


Let’s face it, we all have had one or two breakouts in our day. If someone tells me they’ve never broken out then I know they are lying to me. Anyway, I’m here to share with you some signs that your breakouts might not even be breakouts. You may have an even bigger problem on your hands. There are many factors that can cause pimples. Most of which are not related to just oily or dry skin. Hormonal imbalances and other issues can be the underlying cause. Here are a few signs to watch out for.

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Signs To Watch Out For With Acne Breakouts

Jawline Acne
According to an article published in, it’s quite possible that jawline acne is one of the many signs that your hormones are out of whack. Hormonal imbalance is someone that you want to try hard to get regulated. If you have jawline acne and you think this might be the cause, I urge you to have blood tests done by your dermatologist or doctor.

Acne When Very Busy
I once thought that acne breakouts were not related to stress. Well, I was completely wrong here. Stress is not only the silent killer but also a pore-clogger. If you start to breakout with acne during busy periods in your life, then it’s quite possible that your body is releasing stress hormones and they are causing you to breakout!

Eating Certain Foods
Are you eating healthy as ever? If your diet consists of lots of sugar, white bread and other processed foods then that might be the problem. It could also be dairy product consumption. We each react differently to what we put in our body. Be aware of what you are eating and take note around the times when breakouts occur.

Acne When Taking Meds
If you start taking medication and you notice that you’re breaking out, it might be a reaction to the medication. Some prescription drugs have been known to cause this issue. Pay close attention to the drugs that you are taking and if you’ve made any changes to your medications.

These are only a few of the reasons that you could be having acne breakouts. If you see any changes in your skin, I suggest you consult with your dermatologist or primary physician. It may just be acne. Then again, it may be much worse. Don’t take any chances.

Signs Your Acne Breakouts Are Not Just That
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