Achieve A Nice Looking Décolleté Region By Doing This


The neck and décolleté regions are often mistreated. Actually, I shouldn’t say mistreated. It would be more proper for me to just say neglected, that’s because most of the time they most certainly are and it’s a shame. Spring is here and summer is around the corner, so unless you plan on sporting turtlenecks all season, I suggest you get your décolleté area in tip top shape.

If you’ve been the bearer of bad sun damage in previous years, and you’re covered in spots, then I want you to take some action today. You’ll find that it’s actually quite easy to erase or even reverse the signs of aging if you really want to do so, especially in this region.

neck and decollete region tips

How To Prep Your Décolleté Region

What I want you to do is pay close attention to the few suggestions that I have for you below. You’ll want to take action on a regular basis when possible too. Don’t skimp on things and put forth real effort, you’ll never get anywhere without actually trying.

The first thing I want you to realize is that you’ve got to exfoliate your skin and you need to do it frequently. Basically, exfoliating really helps you get rid of spots on your chest and skin in general. Feel free to work in some microdermabrasion work on a regular basis when you can. It’s a relatively low-cost treatment that can do wonders for your skin.

Another thing you can begin doing if you have really bad spots is to treat your skin with a prescription. Talk to your local dermatologist and find out if a hydroquinone is, the right play, for you. This is especially good if you have dark spots on your chest.

Next on the list is vitamin C serum. We are firm believers in incorporating vitamin C into our regimen. You’ll never hear any of us here at down talk the use of this vitamin because it’s the hottest and most effective antioxidant on the planet (far as we’re concerned).

If you’re bad about doing treatments on yourself, then I at the very least want you to make sure you wear sunscreen on your décolleté region every single day. Don’t forget to apply it even when you’re wearing that ugly turtleneck. Make sure it’s an SPF 50 for extra protection. Pick up some sunscreen that’s waterproof and contains titanium dioxide.

Last but not least, buy yourself a neck cream and use it daily. Feel free to apply it to your chest region as well both in the morning and evening. If you do all these things, then you should have a nicer looking chest by summer time!

Achieve A Nice Looking Décolleté Region By Doing This
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