ABC News Confirms Diets Impact Your Skin


I was watching ABC News and Good Morning America online this morning and although I’m already personally well aware of how important diet is in general for your health. I came to learn a little bit more about the impact that it can have on your skin. Is it a lot? Find out!

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Diet Impacts Your Skin…A Lot

According to Dr. Whitney Bowe met with Good Morning America to share some news on how diet impacts our skin. The conversation immediately went into one of the products that a lot of use consume first thing in the morning with our coffee. You guessed it, skin  milk! According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, people that consume skim milk are more susceptible and likely struggle with breaking out and acne more so than those that do not consume dairy products.

What’s the cause of all this? Good question, it actually has something to do with the protein and hormones that are in milk and other dairy products. In fact, the hormones are even in the protein bars that we so often consume. If you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete that likely consumes a lot of protein and skim milk, then your more likely to be at risk of breaking out versus non-athletes.

Now, I’m not saying that you should stop being an athlete. In fact, that’s the last thing you should be thinking about doing. However, what you could to in order to try and reduce the likelihood of breaking out is to start by substituting your skim milk and milk-based products with alternatives such as almond milk or even coconut milk.

Now, since whey protein has an impact on breaking out, you should also try substituting that for your something else. Perhaps a rice protein would be a better choice if you’re breaking out too much.

Another thing that Dr. Whitney Bowe mentioned during her interview was the impact that refined carbs has on our body. According to Dr. Bowe, “refined carbs ar ethe worst thing you can do.” This is due the impact on your insulin level when consuming them. If you’re in the mood for carbs, she recommends that you stick to more complex carbohydrates. These carbs burn slower and overall they will get you looking in better shape much faster than those refined carbs.

It’s Monday and it’s a perfect day to take some action. Why not make a lifestyle change and see what you can do to shake things up a bit. I always like to look at things this way, if you’re not getting out of your comfort zone then you’re not growing as a person. Shock your body and you might be amazed with the results!

ABC News Confirms Diets Impact Your Skin
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