A Smelly Subject: Antiperspirants For Men


I’m a huge fitness fan and given that I love to workout, I sweat like crazy. It’s inevitable that it’s going to happen and that’s typically not a problem for me because I wear an antiperspirant daily. However, some people neglect to do so. For those that choose to not wear these, I really feel for those within a five-foot radius of them.

You guessed it, they might stink!

In my personal opinion, there’s absolutely no reason why someone should be subjected to dealing with neighbors and their offensive body odor today. You’ve got tons of options out there to fight this issue and I’m here to set the record straight on this. The problem is that you don’t want to just go for any product. Nope, you want to be selective in the antiperspirant and/or deodorant that you choose to use. But before I get into all that, I’m going to cover the facts and basics on what the difference is between these two things.

Antiperspirants are products which have been designed to help prevent one from sweating. Deodorants are not sweat-preventing, but they do kill the bacteria on your skin and make your skin smell good through the use of fragrances. Simply put, antiperspirant keeps you dry, deodorants keep you smelling good.

Now that I’ve covered the basics, time to understand what types of options you have out there. I might as well cover this since it’s crucial to understand that you have options out there.

One of the most common forms which is pretty new is the aerosol spray. This is by far the most popular antiperspirant on the market today. People love it because it doesn’t cause any residue issues and it dries in a matter of seconds. However, don’t you dare go trying out that deodorant challenge that all the teenagers are doing today. It’ll destroy your skin.

Next on the list is the traditional stick. This is an antiperspirant and deodorant stick that is a super popular choice for most guys. It’s easy to travel with if you spend a lot of time at the gym and it’s simple to use, effective as well.

Then there’s the infamous roll-on version. This was once considered to be super fancy and cutting edge when it first came out. It’s nothing but a liquid container which dispenses the liquid from a ball as you apply the product.

top antiperspirants for men

Top Antiperspirant Options For Men In 2018

Now, here’s the list that you’ve been waiting for. Your smelly and sweaty days are over! Consider every single product on this list is capable of providing a TKO when fighting smell and sweat.

What you need to know is that there are a ton of options out there and that you can make headway with any one of them so long as your consistent with product use.

nivea protect and care

The first option I’m going to suggest is the Nivea Protect & Care antiperspirant. If you’re dealing with issues such as eczema or psoriasis, then you might want to consider this product. The antiperspirant works for 48 hours, keeping your underarms dry and offensive odor free. It dries quickly when applied and works like a charm.

anthony antiperspirent

Next up, I’ve got a product called Anthony No Sweat Body Defense. If you’ve been reading about the various products which we review, then you might have already come across this brand here. The product is what’s known as a cream to powder solution. In other words, you apply it a cream and it dries as a powder. The beauty of this product is that you can apply it anywhere you’d like and where you see necessary.

top antiperspirants for men

This next product comes from a beauty giant named L’Oreal. I’m referring to the L’Oreal Men Expert Shirt Protect antiperspirant spray. This product will protect your shirts from developing that yellow pit stain. It’s got anti-marking science baked into the product, making it a winner for those investment bankers in white shirts, suits, and ties all day.

Ban Deodorant

Last but not least, I actually like to use a product called Ban. It’s a stick that I don’t believe is actually meant for men, but it works for me and the smell is masculine enough for me. I would suggest giving this product a try if you’re stuggling to find something that works.

A Smelly Subject: Antiperspirants For Men
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