A Simple Change In Diet Cured Her Eczema For Good


Those the suffer from eczema know just how painful it truly can be. It might be one of the most itching, embarrassing, and mentally draining skin diseases out there. Well, at least one that’s extremely common.

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Simple Diet Solves This College Student’s Skin Issue

A 22-year-old girl living in Liverpool had eczema so bad that her condition had blossomed into a full body issue. Leaving her entire body covered with eczema and painful blisters. Her condition was so bad that people would literally stare at her in public. They would make faces, point and make her feel uncomfortable. She soon became depressed due to the way people had been treating her.

Alice Morgan was the 22-year-old girl’s name and she was doing everything in her power to search for a cure. She tried topical creams, steroids, natural remedies and more. All without any success at all. She tried one other thing that seemed to have finally done the trick. Alice decided to start a strict vegan diet.

Low and behold, that one change seemed to have done the trick! Alice Morgan went from having red dots all over her body and itchy skin to skin that is free from outbreaks. According to DailyMail, her skin would even ooze, which would become painful and embarrassing.

Her eczema started in her childhood years. It didn’t make growing up easy. The problem was that it all came back once she went to college. After getting steroids from her doctor, she noticed that the prescriptions only made her condition much worse.

It wasn’t until she switched to a very strict raw vegan diet that led to her skin clearing up completely. She claims to have seen great results since the very first day that she changed her diet. According to the article, Alice Morgan did not consume any grains and majority of the foods that she did consume were raw fruits and veggies. I have to say that I strongly believe that diet is everything when it comes to health and beauty. People don’t incorporate enough good fats, raw foods, and vegetables into their diets. Doing so can be a game changer.

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As you can see, the changes that Alice made in her daily eating habits did make a huge difference. It didn’t take her long to realize that her health and eating habits played such a strong role in her skin. If you have seen the same results or changes due to some obstacles that you’ve overcome with your skin, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

A Simple Change In Diet Cured Her Eczema For Good
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