A Few Reasons Why You Need Coconut Oil In Your “Skin Life”


Okay, the title may be a little dramatic and over generalized but I had to get your attention. There are many reasons why you should incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine. It’s actually one of the first things that I consume in the morning. My “go to” drink before hitting the gym is a single tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with ice, PEScience Snickerdoodle protein, and water.

Now, I’m not here to talk about your pre-workout shake or anything of that nature. What I’m here to do today is explain exactly why you should incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine on a daily basis. That said, I won’t bore you with all the food recipes and cooking tips I have which incorporate the use of this ingredient. Instead, I’ll focus on your beauty. Here’s what you need to know…

Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

Simple Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is A Must For Your Beuty Regimen

While I know you’re not looking to change up your routine entirely, I ask that you keep an open mind while reading this. Small adjustments to your daily routine are what add up in the long run and over time make the biggest difference when it comes to your looks.

That said, there are many reasons why any individual might wish to incorporate coconut oil into their daily skin routine. For starters, anyone with excessively dry skin or visible scars might want to pick up a bottle of this fantastic ingredient.

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I’ve known many individuals that have had issues with scarring and dry areas where they’ve taken the initiative to regularly apply a small amount of coconut oil to the area and poof! No more dry skin and their scars seemed to have faded.

Some women out there actually prefer this oil over shaving cream. They’ll apply the oil to their legs and shave as they typically would. The result is nothing short of well moisturized, smooth legs.

As it begins to get colder, which it most definitely will, you’ll want to take care of your lips. Cracked and chapped lips are unsightly and often painful. Fear not, coconut oil is an excellent choice for those that want to incorporate a natural lip care treatment process.

Some people actually carry this around in a small jar and simply apply when needed. No need to go out of your way and purchase something special. It’s great any time of the day.

Now, this one is probably one of the most popular treatments given that it’s a very problematic area. I’m talking about the eye region of your face! If you’re one of the many that painfully suffer from under eye wrinkles, dark circles, or maybe overall dryness, then allow me to make a suggestion. One thing you can start doing is applying a tiny amount of coconut oil to the region right before bed. Giving the delicateness of the area, be sure to gingerly apply the product.

At the end of the day after exhausting hours at the office, you’ve more than likely suffered from external elements and all that makeup that’s caked on your face. If you can’t find your makeup remover, then you’ll want to grab some coconut oil. It’s useful for removing makeup from your face and is a viable option for those looking to keep it natural. All you need to do is rub the coconut oil into your skin and the oil will help remove the makeup. Rinse per usual and you’re good to go!

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Since we cover hair treatment here at Skincare.net, I’ll cover this use as well. Coconut oil is frequently used as a hair conditioner treatment. Lots of people are putting this in their hair, leaving it in for a few minutes and rinsing. The end result is shiny hair that looks and feels healthier.

Well, those simple tips should help you get started pretty easily. You don’t need any fancy coconut oil. Just head to the grocery store and pick up whatever they have available. I personally opt for the organic oil but that’s a personal preference. Good luck and give it a shot today!

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A Few Reasons Why You Need Coconut Oil In Your “Skin Life”
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