A Craigslist Skin Care Product Listing That I Had To Bash (Rant)


I’ve been in the skin care industry for quite some time now and having an executive level business background as well as knowledge on how the Internet works can save me lots of headaches. However, I don’t want to keep that information all to myself. That’s why I share what I know with you. Today I’m here to talk about Craigslist product listings and why I can’t stand them!

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Sure, if you’re selling a lawn mower, maybe an old iPhone or a basketball, then, by all means, use Craigslist to facilitate that transaction between a buyer and seller. However, if you’re dealing with skin care, it’s not a great idea. The reason is quite simple, there are far too many skin care scams that consumers are finding themselves in a bind with.

I came across this local listing today in Miami and it made me furious. I’m in a bad mood as is today so I wanted to rant for a bit. Soon as I saw this page I knew it was time for me to speak out. It was a product listing on Craigslist for Instantly Ageless Jeunesse Anti-Aging Eye Cream. The specific listing was for 50 sachets for $29. The listing was in the Coconut Grove, FL area which is relatively close to Miami and Coral Gables, FL.

Why was I so upset about this listing? Well, for starters, I did some research on the product and learned that what the listing is showing as $29 actually retails for $99 on some third-party websites. Even worse, on the main company site, which is Jeunesseglobal.com, the 50-count eye cream sachets sell for $75.95 not including shipping and handling.

Oh but it gets much better! This Craiglist listing states that you can “erase 10 years” in just two minutes. That sounds like a no-brainer to everyone! Don’t we all want to look ten years younger in less than two minutes? Of course, we do!

The photos within the listing have some sort of comparisons which aren’t watermarked, you have no idea if they are even real users of the product. In addition to that, the individual who posted the product listing did not bother to post any contact information. It’s almost as if these things fell off the back of a truck or something. Either that, they might be fake.

Now, here’s that best part, since everyone at Skincare.net knows how the web works, we did a little research. Low and behold, we found a paid ad that the company is posting which specifically mentions how to avoid fake products by purchasing direct through the company.

skincare craigslist ad

My point is simple people, stop buying skin care products from people giving it away on Craigslist. There’s a reason why they are giving it away so darn cheap. Don’t be a fool, don’t buy into it. Get something that works, is reputable, and safe, even if it costs you more money. I’ll give you a little product hint, if you’re living in the Miami area and you’re not using the Miami Nights Eye Cream, then you’re only hurting yourself. You won’t need to troll Craigslist anymore once you buy that, trust me!

A Craigslist Skin Care Product Listing That I Had To Bash (Rant)
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