My 600-lb Life: Why I Watch This Show Almost Every Single Day


I have a secret obsession and it involves spending time in front of the TV late at night. Sure, I work a ton, but at night after my wife has caught up on all her shows, I take full control of the television. Sometimes I opt for watching Boston sporting events (when aired), but the times which they are not, I’m watching my 600-lb Life.

I know what you’re possibly thinking. “Why on earth is he telling us this? I don’t care!” Well, truth be told you should care. There are a couple of reasons that I like to watch this show and why I do at a specific time in the evening.

My 600-lb Life Stephanie
Credit: TLC

Here’s The Main Reason Why I Watch My 600-lb Life…

The first reason I watch this is because it helps me connect with people and their problems. I’m very fortunate to not be out of shape or obese. That said, I work hard and maintain a pretty strategically planned diet and workout regimen. Sure sometimes I go off the deep end but watching this prevents that from occurring. Now, I watch this show around 9 PM in the evening after I’ve had a healthy dinner.

Watching My 600-lb Life keeps my late night binge eating to the absolute minimum. When I watch it, I’ve more often than not consumed a healthy salad and I’m not even remotely tempted to crush the Hersey’s kisses on my coffee table in my living room.

I also watch this program because I’m interested in learning what happens to the patients with regards to their skin. Given that I’m an avid researcher and business owner working within the skin care industry, I’m fascinated as to the treatments that are available for people dealing with loose and saggy skin.

Some saggy skin is just not fixable with a few simple tightening serums and creams. Surgery is necessary in many cases. Which is why I’m excited to catch up on this week’s episode. The episode features Stephanie and her mother, Darcy. They’re both from an area called Clarksville, Tennessee. They both went on a serious journey and lost over 320 pounds combined.

Stephanie was once 350 pounds and as a result of losing the weight, she was left with a lot of excess skin. The 27-year-old was of course embarrassed by the extra skin that she had been carrying around. At one point, Stephanie weighed 350lbs. Based on what my current weight is, I’d say that at her heaviest, she was close to double my current weight. I cannot even imagine being in that condition.

She’s carried around the excess skin for two years and is finally ready to take some action to remove the skin. Below you will find a photo of Stephanie and Darcy after losing all the weight. As you can see, the folds in the skin and the significant amount of excess skin is something that might be unbearable for some to deal with. It’s most likely physically and mentally draining, to say the least.

TLC My 600lb Life Skin Tight
Credit: TLC’s My 600-lb Life

People are essentially putting their health at risk when trying to lose all that weight and they’re also putting themselves at right following the loss of weight. Excess skin can cause blisters, rashes, and infections like you wouldn’t believe. This is another reason why it’s so important for Stephanie to get this skin removed for good.

If you’re struggling with weight or you’re looking for a way to stay on track, then I suggest you watch this show. It’s on TLC, just do a search for TLC’s My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight¬†and you’ll find it.

My 600-lb Life: Why I Watch This Show Almost Every Single Day
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