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Okay folks, time to cover yet another skin care company and everything that they are about. Today I’ll be sharing some insight into the company and all the products which they’ve created over the last few years. The company is called 3Lab Skin Care and if you’ve heard of the brand it’s most likely because you’ve seen it advertised in magazines like Vanity Fair and even Allure. The company was created way back in 2003 when Erica and David Chung decided to create it. Since then, the brand has grown to become a skin care company selling products in various countries all over. Some of which include Hong Kong, Canada, and Germany even.

As far as products are concerned, they’ve got a lot of ground covered here with a comprehensive offering in terms of types. For example, you’ll find that they have face moisturizers, cleansers, anti aging treatments, sun protectants, and much more. However, I need you to understand that this requires you to spend a good chunk of change if you want to look good. They are on the more pricey side of things, so be sure to research everything so you’re ready.

3lab anti aging productsDetails About 3Lab

As previously stated, the 3Lab company was founded in New Jersey by David and Erica Chung. David, a Korean born immigrant made his way to the USA in the 70s. He first had an experience with skin care products as a young kid at one of the retail stores his mother owned. He immediately took a liking to it and wanted to get deeper into the skin care industry. After marrying his now wife, Erica, they both created 3Lab, which is now a company that sells skin care products with a focus being science and formula creations. This company creates formulas within their own laboratories and they apparently use nothing but high-quality ingredients.

They have a very strong slogan which reads “Beauty + Science = 3Lab.”

The 3Lab Website

I took a close look at the website and learned that they offer all of their products for sale right there. On top of that, when you first visit the site, you’ll notice that the company offers consumers 20% off a $350 or more purchase just for subscribing. Now, if you recall, I did say that this brand costs a lot of money, so don’t think I was kidding!

The website is very clean and easy to navigate. In fact, I spent a significant amount of time just browsing around searching for product options until I found the right one for me. In doing my browsing, I quickly learned that the company has been featured in lots more publications! Sites like Marie Claire, Bazaar, The New York Times, InStyle, Refinery29, and Byrdie have all featured this brand.

They also showcase just about everything you could possibly want to know about the brand and the products.

As far as product types go, they’ve got…

BB Cream
Body Care
Cleanser & Toner
Eye Care
Sun Care
The Ginseng Collection
The Gold Standard Collection
The M Collection
The Platinum Collection
Limited Edition Sets

3Lab also covers products by consumer concerns.

Lifting / Firming
Repair & Correct

Did I mention that shipping was free for all orders placed within the continental United States?

Okay, so there was one thing that did bother me about this website. It was the fact that they did not have any contact us information on the site. Nothing more than a basic form for consumers to fill out. I’m not down with that and when a phone number isn’t provided, you automatically lose points, sorry.

However, I felt a bit more comfortable when I headed over to their Instagram profile. Knowing that they have 26,000 followers lets me know that they are the real deal when it comes to skin care.

The 3Lab Products

The company has a lot of products that they sell for all types of skin. While I’m not going to cover all the products, I’ll try and touch upon some of the more popular products that they sell.

3Lab has something called the Super H Serum, where the H stands for Sodium Hyaluronate. This is a very specific form of hyaluronic acid and it’s extra effective at delivering moisturizer to the skin. It plumps your skin up, reduces your wrinkles and more.

They also offer a cream called the WW Cream, which I believe is close to $500 if I recall correctly. The cream is supposed to yield great results but most people will never find out since they likely cannot afford it. The WW Cream contains something called Phytocell Tec which is basically something created from the stem cells of apples from Switzerland. It also contains peptides which help encourage/promote collagen production. This is definitely a wrinkle reducing cream and even a hyperpigmentation cream.

They also have a type of product known as a BB cream. Actually, they have a number of them, one being the Aqua BB and another being the Perfect BB. People typically work these creams into their daily routines.

Third Party Reviews

Since this company creates expensive products, it should come as no surprise that the reviews will vary quite a bit. That’s typically always the case with expensive skin care products. Some people just bash them completely when they don’t work right away. They do this because they expect instant miracle results, but that’s unrealistic.

I took a look at the Amazon reviews and even the Dermstore reviews and most were positive. The funny thing is that I didn’t find a lot of reviews at all during my search. However, I did discover that hundreds of people are searching for these products on a monthly basis and that only means one thing – people are willing to spend the money to purchase them.

Conclusion – Should You Buy 3Lab Products?

This is a very tough question for me to answer. Quite frankly, it’s one that you need to answer yourself. Do you have the money to spend on these products and are you willing to take the chance that they may not work for you? If so, then give it a shot. If not, perhaps you should read this page and look for more economical options.

3Lab Review
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