21-Day Skin Regimen Challenge To Fix Your Face


It’s been said that it only takes a short 21 days to create an activity into a habit. Since it’s a the beginning of 2016, I’ve been planning a regimen or two in order to develop better habits for the year. I thought that I’d put together a simple 21-day skin regimen that will help you better care and ultimately improve your skin with less thought. If it does anything at all for you, it will most definitely get you into a normal routine to treat your skin with the utmost care. I should mention that this regimen challenge can be done by both men and women. We all want healthy looking skin so it only makes sense that we both do it!

21 day skin care challenge

A Simple 21-Day Daily Skin Regimen

First, I want to you understand that this is primarily about revitalization and routine. Any skin regimen requires the use of a few daily essentials but it’s well worth the price of looking good and it’s not something I recommend skimping on. I’ve broken down the specific things that you need to do daily in the morning and evening throughout the 21-day challenge. There are of course other things you should do throughout the 21-day challenge but I wanted to keep things simple here and focus on the daily tasks.

Remember To Do It Daily!
Your daily routine is pretty simple with tasks to complete each morning and evening. It’s important that you try to follow each task in the specific order that I’ve laid out. Taking the guessing work out of the process makes it that much easier.

(Every Morning)

Use a cleanser: Your first task in your revitalizing skin regimen is to use a good cleanser. The primary reason we recommend you use one is because a cleanser removes dirt and aid in the delivery of antioxidants. Overall, these antioxidants successfully prepare your skin for further treatment.

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Use a serum: Next, you should use a serum of some sort The serum is necessary in order to better repair your currently damaged skin and it’s also an excellent addition that should further hydrate your skin. I personally recommend finding a serum that contains amino acids. My philosophy on this is, I consume amino acids after working out in an attempt to repair my muscles, why wouldn’t I incorporate the same ingredients in my skin routine?

(Every Evening)

Use a nighttime cleanser: You’re going to want to use a cleanser again before bed. This is also the most important time to use a cleanser. You’ve been out all day long and your pores are clogged up. It’s a perfect time to unclog your pores. I recommend that you use a nighttime cleanser that contains vitamin B and a hydrating agent.

Use a daily peel: If your skin is extremely sensitive, this step of incorporating a daily peel into your regimen may scare you a bit. I’m not talking about incorporating a harsh peel, just a light peel that will further assist in exfoliating your skin.

Use vitamin C: Your last task of the day is to incorporate a vitamin C serum and apply this right after you’ve completed the previously mentioned tasks. Vitamin C is a core component of most well-recognized, high-end skin products. The reason it’s incorporated is due to its ability to boost collagen as well as brighten your skin.

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By the time you complete the skin regimen challenge, you’ll have formed a good daily habit and keeping your skin healthy and fresh from here on out should be a lot easier!

21-Day Skin Regimen Challenge To Fix Your Face
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