2017 Golden Globe Beauty Secrets Revealed On The Red Carpet


Last night I grabbed a huge bowl of popcorn and spent hours in front of my television. I couldn’t help myself given that the Golden Globe Awards were on! Remember last year? All those skin care brands that were featured in the goodie bags? Well, this year, I wasn’t into the awards as much as I was the red carpet interviews. So many fabulous looking celebs showed up looking stunning. In fact, most of them looked like they stepped off the cover of a magazine. Many of them may have even used their own skin care lines to prepare for the show. Some of the movie stars decided to share some insights with regards to their beauty preparations. That’s what really got me excited during the show! Don’t worry, if you missed it, I’m going to share all the dirt with you!

golden globe awards beauty secrets
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Golden Globe Awards And The Beauty Secrets Of Stars

Let me start with Sarah Jessica Parker and her tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. Her hair was braided perfectly and it certainly turned heads in Beverly Hills. I guess the look was somewhat of an accident and just happened to come out resembling a look that Carrie Fisher would wear as Princess Leia.

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing a lovely fragrance by Stash, which is supposedly a smell that has a hint of grapefruit, cedarwood, and more. Enough about that, though, here’s what you’re really interested in, the skin care treatments!

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker used Doctor Babor Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules in order to achieve that smooth look on her face, decollete, and neck area. The Bi-Phase product apparently contains vitamin C, sea buckhorn, and alpha-tocopherol. All of which are known for being good for your skin. She also used what’s referred to as a Thermal Spray by Babor in order to better moisturize her skin.

As for skin creams, she opted for collagen cream by Babor as well as the Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream that the company makes.

I won’t be surprised if I hear of celebrities using bioplacenta products more in the future. It’s one of the latest trends in products that seems to actually work quite well!

While I’m likely never going to get on the red carpet to interview these celebs, I can live vicariously through the reporters that get the inside scoop. That and a bowl of popcorn is all I need really!

If you have any other inside information on the celebs and the various treatments that they went through in preparation for the Golden Globe Awards, I’d love to hear from you. In honor of the great award show and the many celebs that attended, here’s a video from the event last night!

2017 Golden Globe Beauty Secrets Revealed On The Red Carpet
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