This 11-Year-Old’s Skin Is Covered In Scales. Find Out Why!


Sometimes kids wish they were superheroes. Well, this 11-year-old child wishes that he just had normal skin and not scales. He’s been battling a rare skin disease that turns his skin into hard scale-like skin and it’s been painful ever since it occurred. Find out why he’s been having to deal with it and what it’s done to him.

rare skin disease in 11 year old causes scales
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Boy’s Skin Turning To Scales Because Of Disease

According to the, the boy has been battling this disease for years. Only 15 days after being born, his skin started to peel off and it never grew back the same. The skin turned extremely thick and black. By the time he was five years old the boys skin was so thick, black and ┬áhard and he was in so much pain that he couldn’t even walk. The only thing the boy is able to do these days is let them know when he wants to eat and needs to use the bathroom.

They finally determined what the condition was that this boy had. Turns out he has a rare skin disease known as ichthyosis. The diagnosis that was given effects close to 16,000 babies each year according to The Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc (FIRST). It’s rather unfortunate but there is no cure for ichthyosis.

The family lives in Nepal and Ramesh Darji lives about three hours from the nearest hospital. They didn’t have any money and they didn’t know how they were going to get treatment for Ramesh. Thankfully, a local college offered free medical help after finding out about the condition.

The boys condition has improved quite a bit but he has a strong chance of the disease coming back tenfold. There is a GoFundMe page setup for the boy. He’s in a lot of pain and they are trying to get him healthy enough to have surgery on his legs.


This 11-Year-Old’s Skin Is Covered In Scales. Find Out Why!
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