100% Pure Unveils Skin Care Line For Sensitive Skin


You may lean towards very simplistic skin care products when thinking of skin care products that are designed for sensitive skin. Generally speaking, the luxury lines do not cater to a sensitive complexion. But an organic beauty brand called 100% Pure has released a line of skin care products that are specially designed for sensitive skin and are completely luxurious.

Forget about the unscented and bland skin care products. The Organic Rose Sensitive Skin from 100% Pure is a calming and nourishing product that soothes the skin and makes women feel good about themselves. 100% Pure does this all with high quality ingredients. Using rose water and aloe as the basis for their new skin care products line. This leaves a rosy scent and the packaging is pretty, done in pink bottles.

100% Pure

100% Pure Uses Rose Water In Skin Care Products

Rose Water is a very interesting skin care ingredient. It is more than just a pretty fragrance. Rose water is made for sensitive skin. It helps calm irritated skin. It reduces redness and inflammation. It also helps get rid of dirt and bacteria on the skin and unclog pores. All these factors help make rose water a great ingredient for dealing with upsetting skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.

The Organic Rose Sensitive Skin line by 100% Pure also contains calendula. This is a mild ingredient that is often used in baby care products. It is very helpful at comforting skin irritations. It helps reduce swelling and discomfort. It also produces healing. Comfrey is a regenerative skin ingredient also used in the skin care products line by 100% Pure. It helps to restore skin vitality and health.

100% Pure Unveils Skin Care Line For Sensitive Skin
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